Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas eve is here, and this concludes the 2008 Artilleri advent calendar. I hope that you've been able to grab a thing or two you liked in the 24 days that have passed, and that you've enjoyed December as much as I have! I'll be celebrating with my family as usual; my parents and my brothers. :) The turkey is in the oven, my brothers are playing Xbox in the living room and I'm about to take vacation. I will keep checking mail and logging in, but no more work untill the calendar tells me it's 2009.

Thanks for a great year, and here's to making 2009 even better! New mainstore coming soon, along with more clothes, more accessories, more furniture and HAIR! Lots of exciting things. I hope. :)

Be good, take care, and see you soon!

xoxo, Antonia!

PS: Still have Christmas gifts you need to buy? Artilleri sells storecards! Just saying! ;D

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Going on vacation!


I am leaving for Prague in 30 minutes! So busy, need to make this quick, but just wanted to let you know that all 4 gifts for the next days are in the store, since I will not have any access to the computer while I am gone. The gift for yesterday is also still there, because I forgot to remove it, and I don't have time to log in again!

Again, I will NOT have access to the computer, so if you IM me or send a notecard, I will get back to you on the 10th.

Ok, off I go. Have fun, be good, and take care. See you on the 10th!

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Artilleri Holiday Workshop!

Oh hai!

When I was transforming the Artilleri sim from Californa cool to, well, COLD cool, I went on a hunt for snowmen to decorate with. But I never found any to my liking, so I ended up making my own. And I had the best time ever! I wrapped myself up in warm clothes and played around in the snow. I also ended up making some other things, like door decorations and lights on a string. These, along with last years Charlie Brown tree, are now up for sale in the Holiday Workshop!

The workshop is located where the bowling alley used to be, you can get there either by stepping out and to the right of the diner, or you can search for "holiday workshop" in places and it'll pop up.
There is also a skating rink where the park used to be. A vendor for the Moopf skates are here, along with some awesome singles/couples skating animations that Ashlin Leandros kindly placed out for me. Thanks Ash!

Also, three more things.
1) Remember to check out the Countdown to Christmas going on in the store! One new freebie every day. Just join the Artilleri group, and buy the big blue box up on stage for 1L$.

2) I will be going to Prague tomorrow, and I will not have any access to SL or the internet between tomorrow and the 10th. The 4 gifts for the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of December will all be placed up on the stage eeearly tomorrow morning before I leave.

3) The Phot-o-tama contest is still going on! I didn't originally plan for it to last this long, but the new mainstore build has been set on hold until the holidays are over. New mainstore coming up in January! Read more about the contest and post your pictures on my flickr.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

Hi guys!

I am doing a Countdown to Christmas in the Artilleri mainstore. This because of several reasons:
1) Artilleri just turned 3 years!
2) I love love LOVE Christmas!
3) Last but not least... I am so appreciative for being able to do what I do, and it is all thanks to my customers. Thank you for being so supportive and kind!

The gifts will be rotated once a day, alas you have to stop by 24 times to get them all. I will try to rotate them early in the morning SLT, but times may differ as I cant commit to be online at the exact same time for 24 days. The gifts for Dec 7th - 10th will all be available at the same time, because I will be in the Czech Republic and will not have access to a computer. You have to be a member of the Artilleri update group and have the group tag active. You then pay the BIG BLUE BOX up on stage 1L$, and it will give you a boxed item. It is 1L$ because of the group script.

xoxo, Antonia

Monday, November 10, 2008

RL/SL challenge!

I've seen people doing this on the feed (started by Kristi Maurer who did an amazing job), and had to give it a go. As expected, I proved myself to be horrible at making shapes. But hey, it was fun!

This is my attempt at Solveig Antonia (RL) meets Antonia (SL).

I'll stick with my old trusty Antie shape, lol. :)

On another note, remember to check out the Artilleri poster phot-o-rama contest thing. Read my previous blog post for more info, or check out the flickr feed. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

xoxo, Solveig Antonia :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I need your help!

Hi guys! I am currently in the process of building a new mainstore. A very slow process indeed, as I'm not a very experienced builder, but I think I am getting there. But I could use some help! I need some big posters around the store, and with all the talent and creativeness I know you hold I was hoping I could get some submissions from you guys.

•I'm not sure how many poster displays there will be in the store, but probably around 10.
•Dimensions that I need are 512 (height) and 256 (width). You can upload any scale you want, as long as I am able to crop them down to the size I need.
•It doesn't all have to be Artilleri products, but it must be the main focus.
•Photoshopped pictures is fine.
•Overall theme will naturally be retro/rockabilly.
•Pictures must be uploaded to the artilleri flickr pool.
•I will rotate the pictures every now and then, so even if I don't pick yours the first time around keep'em coming.
•If your picture is chosen you will recieve a artilleri storecard worth 1000L$.
•Add your SL name to your submission so I can get in touch with you!

I think that's all you need to know. If I forgot something, please let me know. I really appriciate your help!

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! For the housewives...


New items up for sale in the artilleri HOME store tonight. As usual, retro-rama with lots of details and personality!

First off, Sonja kitchen cabinets. If you're going to slave over pots and pans in the kitchen for hours, why not make it a little more enjoyable with this piece of furniture? At least you'll have something pretty to look at. Everything in the picture is included, except for that wannabe housewife chick sitting there.

Next up, a must-have for any retro kitchen. A classic fridge. It's sexy, it's sweet, it's Dexter! It has a colour change script with 66 colours. With my limited experience in scripts I found myself having to chose between a door script and colour change, and I went for the latter. It also comes with some cute details, like a grocery list and some funky retro magnets. These are all individual objects, so if you prefer the fridge without the extra funk, it's up to you.

And last but not least, the Elsa stove. In honor of my dear sweet RL mother Elsa who has made me countless delicious meals. Can't wait to go home and get some of that world famous pizza. The trick is in the curry! And for Christmas... The turkey, ohh, the turkey. Tusen takk, mamma! :) Du er snill du!
The stove has the same colour change script as the fridge.

Allright, that's it for now. Remember that these can be found in the HOME store, and not in the diner of doom. Just search for artilleri HOME and it'll pop up. I'll also put up a LM giver in the diner for easy access.

xoxo, Antonia

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Time to hit the beach!


Finally, finally, finally... My computer has been fixed and it in top-top shape! Mr Dell-man came by last week and changed the motherboard, the graphics card and the fans. It is running 10 times better than it ever has. I'm überhappy!

I haven't released anything new since May. I've been enjoying some time away from SL, but I have a new release today. And since today (today for me right now is Aug19th) is my 3rd rezday I'm having a 50% off sale on the new releases till midnight Aug19 SLT!

The new releases are all about fun at the beach:
Leelee bikini (zebra and leopard)
Alexa bikini (8 colours)
Annalee bikini (8 colours)
Sabrina bathingsuit (8 colours)
Onyxia sunglasses (10 colours)
Magda lounge with tanning reflector and colour change

If you see something you like, come on down to the diner of doom and grab'em while they're 50% off. And then hit the beach!

xoxo, Antonia

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Computer issues :/

Ever since I bought my Dell XPS M1710 a year ago it has been troublesome. It is supposed to be their gaming machine, a "beast", but not mine, oh nooo. Contacting Dell didn't help much (at all), nor did installing XP instead of Vista. I bought more RAM, but that didn't help either. But after a while I got used to it being shitty. I don't know what triggered it into new levels of shitty, but now I can't even stay logged into SL for more than 3 minutes before it freezes up and crashes. Programs like Blender and World of Warcraft (my latest obsession) are acting strange too, but not as bad as SL.

So untill I get this sorted out new releases will have to wait. Customer service will also be slow, but I will do my best, even if it takes me 10 crashes a day to get it done. But please send me a notecard instead of IMs, it makes it so much easier for me to keep track of things. I know I have missed some IMs because of crashes, if you have contacted me and I haven't replied, please send a notecard.

Thanks for your patience! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aaand I'm back!

I'm back from my vaycay in Croatia! I think I have replied to all the offlines and notecards now, but I might have missed someone. If I did, please let me know. :)

Ok, so it's not artilleri related at aaall, but I have to tell you a little about my trip! :D It was swwwell! Max and I went there with my best friend Bente and her bf Alex. Max sadly had to return to Norway on Thursday, but B+A took good care of me and we had lots of fun. We stayed on the Makarska Riviera, in the city of Makarska. Other than staying there we also visited the historic city of Dubrovnic, Split and the island Brač. The days mostly consisted of eating food (Yum, dalmatian ham! Yum, homemade sausages!), drinking beer (Živjeli!) and relaxing. Prices were veeery nice compared to here, and the people were all very friendly and nice. I really hope to go back someday! :)

Croatia: HVALA!

xoxo, Antiepants

Friday, May 16, 2008

Going on vacation! :)

Oh hai!

In last nights post I wrote that I needed a vacation. And I'm going on one! :D
I am leaving for Croatia eeearly tomorrow morning (May 17th) and I will return back home on the 24th. I will not have access to a computer during this time, so if you have any problems, issues or questions, please leave me a notecard instead of IMing me, as IMs will cap. I will get back to you as soon as I can after I get back home.

Behave while I'm gone, mmkay? :D
xoxo, Antie

Emi skins - They're here!

Hi guys!

So finally, after weeks of work, and huuundreds of uploads, the Emi skins are here! 5 skintones and 15 makeups. All the makeups come in regular and freckled versions, and there are free demos available for them all. The skins are 850L$ each, and include the two versions (regular and freckled), a pair of prim lashes. You can change the brow colour with the hair colour sliders in apperance, but to make it as simple as possible I have included some basic eyebrows in there. So stop by the artilleri diner of doom and give them a try if you like. :)

BTW, Emi is Japanese and means smile!

I need a vacation now. :P

xoxo, Antonia!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Group love skin!

I have set up a group love skin in my mainstore! I have closed the open enrollment to my upload group so that only the, eh, "hardcore" artilleri-ers can get their hands on it. I value my group greatly, and I wanted to do something special for them. So if you are a member of the artilleri update group, slap on that group tag and TP over to the diner of doom to try them on! The makeup is Anett, comes in 5 skintones, freckles and no freckles. Your's for 1L$ (the script thingie wouldnt let me set it to 0L$, sowwie!)


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Clearance sale ending + Grease event!

Hi everyone! :D

Just a reminder to say that the artilleri sale will be ending tonight at 7PM. All the clearance items will be gone and no longer available after this. The sale is located in the drive-in (to the left of the mainstore).

Slurl to the drive-in :)

I'd also like to mention the Grease event at the Max Marina. It was supposed to start at 4PM, but Second Life wanted it different. We are a little delayed, but the sim is up and running again. :) So come on down!
1000L$ to the best boy and girl, a custom car from AM PRO will be given away, and 5 500L$ store cards from artilleri! :) So jump into your best Grease gear and come party with us. :)

Slurl to the drive-in :)

xoxo, Antie :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clearance sale + skins in the making!

Hi! :)

I am retiring some older products from my store, and I have set up a clearance sale in the drive-in for everyone who wants a last chance at picking up the items. Everything is 50% off, and the sale will last till May 3rd.

LOTS of stuff being retired; skins, hair, dresses, skirts, pants, tops, sunglasses, hairflowers, shoes, purses, sets, mens shirts.

Lately I have been working on some new skins. They are still not finished, but hopefully soon! Here's a little sneak preview. :) Makeup suggestions are welcome! Please drop a notecard on me inworld with an explanation and maybe picture.

TP to the clearance sale

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, April 12, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Yay for colourful casuals!

Hey guys! :)

I have some new clothing and glasses released today. As usual, quite the splash of colour! :) Pretty basic pieces of clothing, all excellent for mixing and matching. I'll keep the blabber at a minimum, and show you pictures instead! :)

The Carlita top. 10 colours. Sculptie box knot. All layers available. 120L$ per colour.

The Darla shirt. Comes in 8 colours. Prim attachments: Collar, sleeves, bow knot. 120L$ each colour. The Darla shirts are replacing the older Heidi shirts, which are similar in style, but I have improved my skills in the past year, so I am slowly phasing out some older clothing. But a simple shirt like this is a must-have to me, so I made new ones.

Carla highwaist circle skirts. 8 colours. 120L$ per colour! The picture shows some suggestions as to what else to wear with it. :)

And finally, some new cateye glasses. Gabriella, 120L$ per pair. 8 colours + zebra and leopard. I hardly ever let glasses leave the tip of my nose as a pair of cateyes is the cherry on top for a retro/rockabilly look, so I made some new ones. And also, I now have demos for all the glasses available, I am so sorry for not offering this before. You can get them from the box above the glasses display, the box that says "DEMOS". :) I didn't include every pair of glasses in all colours, but one of each to get an idea of how they suit your face.

On a sidenote, my RL/SL boyfriend Maximilian Milosz is opening his new sim today, MaxMarine. He makes the best boats in SL, hands down! :) So if you want to check it out, the opening is at 4PM - 6PM. :)

That's it for today!

xoxo, Antonia :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Antie goes Armidi!

EDIT: Ok, ok, ok. Thaaat was just our April fools joke. I don't think I could ever give up on Artilleri, it's my little baby!

Big news...

I'm very excited and proud to finally announce publicly that I have joined the amazing crew at Armidi! It was initially a hard decision to make as artilleri has become my little baby, but after some serious thought I came to the conclusion that this was the best thing to do. I will be able to work with some amazing people, and I believe the outcome will be great!

I plan to still focus on retro attire; clothes and accessories, and perhaps hair somewhere down the line. You can find me under the alt Wilma Armidi.

Please read the official Armidi announcement here. Some really great names have joined, and I am glad to be one of them.

xoxo, Antonia/Wilma

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NEW @ artilleri home! Tiki bar, phone and lamps!

Hello. :D

I have devoted my time lately to my little side project, artilleri home. That's the building in the northwest corner of my sim, where I sell stuff for, yes you guessed it, your home! So if you are looking to retroify your house, that is a good place to start.

Ahh, the tiki bar. If there is one aspect of retro style I love more than any other, it would be tiki/tropical. So throw on some beachy clothes, put a flower in your hair and have a drink by the bar. This is quite the prim hog with a total of 98 prims, but if you are on a prim budget remember that the bar itself is only 16 prims, and the stools 7 each. Here is a list of what's included and how many prims each object is:

Bar (16 prims)
Stools (7 prims x 2)
Books (2 prims x 2)
Blender (8 prims)
Fruit bowl (12 prims)
Martini + water glasses (9 prims)
Drink shaker (3 prims)
Martini drink w olive(5 prims)
Longdrink (10 prims)
Tropical drink (17 prims)

The bar is scripted with a bartender pose, and the stools with sits.
Located right across from the entrance of the homestore. 500L$.

Next up we have some lamps. Reno, Tampa and Boca. Reno is the tall floorlamp, and it comes in 5 colours. Tampa is the table lamp, and I am head over heels in love with it. My heart overfilleth! :D And last we have the Boca lamps. Inspired by some lamps at a retro bar (Bar Boca) just up the street from where I live. Oslo rock city! ;D These come in 4 colours. All lamps are 125L$ each. Located in the lamps section of the homestore.

To wrap it up for today I have this 60'ies phone, requested by the lovely Marni Grut of Royal Blue
. I ended up including two versions of the phone; one is 15 prims and the other 5. There is no question which ones look best and most detailed, but having a lowprim alternative is always good. I know, I used to live on 512m2. And oh, they are scripted with a colour change script (66 colours, click and chose from dropdown menu), so you can make it match the rest of your house. 125L$, located in the blue room in the homestore.

That's it for now!
xoxo, Antonia

Friday, March 14, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Spring is around the corner. :)

I am impatiently waiting for spring and summer to arrive. Sunshine, warmth and DRESSES. And cute shoes! My cute little leopard pumps, how I miss seeing them on my feet. *sigh* And sitting outside, eating strawberries. And BBQing. And, and, and...! But sadly, here in Norway it's still cold and rainy. To make the wait a little easier on myself, I made some summery dresses. They are called Carrie and Charlotte, and they both come in 3 colours. 220L$ each, and mod/copy/no trans as usual.

xoxo, Antiepants

Monday, March 10, 2008

Me as an M&M!

Allright, not exactly artilleri related, but oh so cute! Make yourself into an M&M here!
Here's me:

On an artilleri related note, the group freebie is still up in the store. I will take it down tomorrow morning when I wake up (CET). So if you are planning on picking it up before it's gone, now is the time. :) Remember to wear your group tag!


Friday, February 29, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! More animal print, more hair flowers and some belts!

I'm going to try and make this short and sweet, I am tres tired. It's update time!

The Lovely leo and Zesty zebra dresses are based on the Tasty Tiki dress that I released last year. Tasty Tiki is one of my own favorites that I keep coming back to over and over again, so I decided to make animal print versions too. I've developed a liking for zebra patterns as well as my obvious addiction to leopard pattern. The dresses come with a system skirt, so a dress shape is recommended. A optional waist sash is also included in both black and leo/zebra. Wear the dress with some black stilettos for a more classy look (YES, animal prints are classy damnit. :D) or fun them up with some colourful accessories! I have been wearing the Lovely Leo one along with Nylon Pinkneys Banana smoothe jacket (which is yellow) and I love it! :)

More hair candy! This time I've made orchid hair flowers. They are sold in a pack with 5 colours, each of them with 3 attachment points. More hair flowers to come, making these are so fun!

And to wrap it up, some snakeskin sash belts. These are sold individually and they come in 8 colours. Two attachmentpoints are included; pelvis and stomach. Now, I wanted these belts to be placed rather high around the waist. This poses a small problem, because no attachment point is perfect for this, so some cutting will probably occur. Please try on the demos to see if this is something you can live with. And you can always place them a tad bit lower down. :) Two sizes are also included. One size does not fit all, nor does two, but they should be pretty easy to resize.

Allrighty, that's it for now. Signing off!

xoxo, Antonia Marat

Saturday, February 16, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Skirts, vanity and store cards!

Update time!

My love for highwaist stuff should be obvious by now. I already have the Nina pants, the ChaCha pants, the Darling D pants, the Bertha bikini and the Gina pencil skirts. You thought that was enough? Ohh no, not by a long shot. My thirst cannot be quenched! :) So I made the Ingrid highwaist miniskirt/shorts. Wear them with the prim, it's a skirt. Wear them without the prim, it's a pair of shorts. Magic. They come in the "trademark" artilleri colours; black, white, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and pink. 120L$ each.

Todays other new release is actually from artilleri home! You may or may not know that I have a little side project in my sim, a store where I sell retro furniture and home accessories. New today is the Agathe vanity. It consist of 11 pieces; the vanity itself, a stool and then 9 little pieces of accessories; makeup, magazines, hairbrush and so on. The prim total is 70. Oops. For now I have placed this vanity in the mainstore alongside the clothes on the wall with new things, but in the future it will only be found in the homestore which is in the NW corner of the sim. Shouldn't be too hard to spot. I know this isn't something that would be concidered mainstream cool, but it is a must-have for any vain retro girl. :) I spent a lot of time making this, and I hope at least someone will love it as much as I do. 500L$.

The artilleri sim has been closed for many hours today, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused people, but I was installing the TMC store card system. It took a little longer time than predicted, but it will make gift certificates so much more convenient both for me and for customers. Just buy a store card from the vendor right inside the entrance, give it to the recipient, and then they can attach it to themselves and go shopping. No need to IM me and wait for me to respond. They come in 200L$, 500L$, 1000L$ and 3000L$.

The update group recieved this outfit a couple of days before Valentines. It's the Ingrid skirt in red (with a heart patch on the bum), a I<3U tanktop and a pair of earrings. These are still up for grabs in the notice archive.

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, February 09, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! LOTS of stuff!

2 months without a update... About time for some new stuff, yes? Yes! :)

I made some new hair flowers. These are sculpted and I adore them! The Tropicana flower (the one to the left in the pic) has a texture change script in it. Just click it and pick from one of the 8 colours. The rose one is not scripted because of the number of prims that has to be retextured (it would cause lag), but I did include 5 different colours for that one too. Both flowers come with 3 attachment points; nose, mouth and chin. 150L$ each.
Then there's the bead hoop earrings, yum! Colour scripted with 60 colours, these can match whatever it is you wear. Classy or fun! 130L$.
A huge thank you to Mystical Cookie for helping me out with the scripts, you're a doll!

These tops I named Ah, Bella! They are sold in two packs; the animal print and the tropical. Sculpted sleeves give these that extra ommph, but they look great without the sleeves too. 180L$ per pack (two colours/versions).

These tops are called Abby. They come in 8 colours; black, red, yellow, orange, blue, teal, blue and pink. :) 120L$ each, or 450L$ for a fatpack.

We can't forget the rockin guys out there either? Nope. 3 tanktops with prints on them. They are sold seperately for 130L$ each. All layers included. Aaaand they look just as good on chicks as on guys, if you ask me. I am wearing the white one right now!

Finally, one more thing for the guys, the Jonas jeans. They come with sculpted cuffs and a metal chain. 130L$.


Have a nice weekend guys! And I promise, it wont be 2 months untill the next update.

xoxo, Antonia