Thursday, May 07, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! More mens clothing!

Hey guys!

More mens stuff out in the store today! Because I love men! ;P

Burt jeans:

The Burt jeans come in 4 colours; Black, gray, medium blue and dark blue. They come with sculpted cuffs and those of you who liked the old Bobby pants (retired) will love these! 150L$ per colour, 400L$ for a fatpack with all 4.

Bowling shirts:

16 bowling shirts with different variations. There are 4 general types; flames, midpanel, stripes and rocker. They cost 130L$ a piece, and apart from the mega fatpack (which is more than 50% off at 999L$ for all 16 shirts) they are available in mini fatpacks with 4 shirts in each. You can chose to buy the rows, which means there are 8 different mix sets available. Those are 25% off at 390L$ for 4 shirts. Did that make any sense? :P Well, if not, come to the store and I am sure you'll understand. Sculpted collar on these.

Hope you like! Girls, tell your boyfriends! :D

XOXO, Antonia

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


If you're going to rip people off, please do a better job at covering your tracks. Like, for example, change the object name. Thanks!

Support the hardworking content creators in SL who spend countless hours making things, rather than pathetic thieves who try to cash in on our work. tinker Hax, can I please have my 100L$ back?

-Antonia Marat-

Friday, May 01, 2009

Artilleri - webQuest info!

Hey guys!

Artilleri is participating in the webQuest along with 9 other awesome stores! "Tell me more about this webQuest thing, Antonia" you say? OK! :P

How would you like to win a shopping spree to your favorite store? Yes, that would be pretty great. Now imagine that x10. Yes, 10 shops! You could win some fancy loot from 10 awesome shops! And just think how much MORE fun it is to shop than it is to follow crowds from one laggy location to another chasing freebies that may or may not be any good.

Did I say "awesome shops"? Well, yes in fact I did. How about these: Artilleri, Courtisane, EarthStones, LeeZu!, LionSkins, MALT Fashions, MudHoney Designs, Spork, SySy Designs, and Zaara. See? I told you they were awesome.

By playing webQuest, you could win a piece of this. And all that just for answering some questions! Visit any participating shop and find the webQuest sign, click the sign and get all the information you need to start your webQuest!

Sound good? TP over to Artilleri and get started! :)

A big thank you to GM Nikolaidis and Barbara Nicholls of Spork Designs for inviting me!

Have fun and good luck!

PS: Click the webQuest poster in my store and chose "Rules" to recieve a notecard with all the info you need along with a list of stores and LMs.