Thursday, May 31, 2007

artilleri sim in the works!

Yes, I bought a sim. I'm in the process of setting up right now. A lot of things are already in place, like the diner, the drive-in movie theatre, the ice cream parlor, gasstation, the beach and tikistuff, the 50ies suburban area... I still need to build of buy a bowling alley and finish up the playground/park area. And or course, set out all the products in the store. So when will I open? I have nooo idea. :D But soon! It's gonna be pretty much like my store in Axel, but bigger! Not only a place to shop, but a place to hang out and have some fun. I hope. :)
I've also worked on a skin. It comes in 5 skintones in 10 makeups each.

<3, Antiepants

Saturday, May 12, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Hawaii shirts for the men, highwaist skirt for the ladies.

I have some new things up for sale at my mainstore in Axel. First there's a couple Hawaii style shirts for the guys. These are pretty much the same as the Nohea shirt I released earlier, just with diff patterns. Both come in a pack of two, with saturated and unsaturated versions.
Second is pretty basic, but something I really missed in my own inventory; a black highwaist skirt.

Hope you like!
<3, Antie

Monday, May 07, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Spotty mix tattoo and the Patsy dress!

I can never get enough tattoos in SL, and I prefer those who are pretty heavy. The avatar is a canvas. Been wanting to make one with a leopard pattern for a while, but first try looked horrific, but this second try came out way better. I love it! Colourfun and cool. Comes in undershirt, shirt and jacket layer. I also updated the rest of my tattoos so that they come in all the layers in case you need something that's not undershirt/underpants.

The Patsy dress is a remake of one of the first dresses, if not the first dress, I ever made in SL. It was called Cute'n'Dotty back then and looked pretty much like this, just without the buttons. And way crappier. :) But I liked the overall look of it, so here is is, reborn!

Up for sale at my mainstore in Axel. :)

<3, Antonia M

Friday, May 04, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Cora tops and Mahana tops! :D

The Mikomiko tops I released a while back were a big hit, and I love them myself, so I made some more Hawaii style pattern tops. These are called Mahana (which I thiiink means warmth. I hope so! :D) and come in 3 pattern variations. Simple, cute, summery!

Also, I'm the kind of girl who cant get enough polkadots. I just cant lay off'em. So I made Cora! 8 colour variations with a cute prim bow. Yet again.. Simple, cute, summery!