Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aaand I'm back!

I'm back from my vaycay in Croatia! I think I have replied to all the offlines and notecards now, but I might have missed someone. If I did, please let me know. :)

Ok, so it's not artilleri related at aaall, but I have to tell you a little about my trip! :D It was swwwell! Max and I went there with my best friend Bente and her bf Alex. Max sadly had to return to Norway on Thursday, but B+A took good care of me and we had lots of fun. We stayed on the Makarska Riviera, in the city of Makarska. Other than staying there we also visited the historic city of Dubrovnic, Split and the island Brač. The days mostly consisted of eating food (Yum, dalmatian ham! Yum, homemade sausages!), drinking beer (Živjeli!) and relaxing. Prices were veeery nice compared to here, and the people were all very friendly and nice. I really hope to go back someday! :)

Croatia: HVALA!

xoxo, Antiepants

Friday, May 16, 2008

Going on vacation! :)

Oh hai!

In last nights post I wrote that I needed a vacation. And I'm going on one! :D
I am leaving for Croatia eeearly tomorrow morning (May 17th) and I will return back home on the 24th. I will not have access to a computer during this time, so if you have any problems, issues or questions, please leave me a notecard instead of IMing me, as IMs will cap. I will get back to you as soon as I can after I get back home.

Behave while I'm gone, mmkay? :D
xoxo, Antie

Emi skins - They're here!

Hi guys!

So finally, after weeks of work, and huuundreds of uploads, the Emi skins are here! 5 skintones and 15 makeups. All the makeups come in regular and freckled versions, and there are free demos available for them all. The skins are 850L$ each, and include the two versions (regular and freckled), a pair of prim lashes. You can change the brow colour with the hair colour sliders in apperance, but to make it as simple as possible I have included some basic eyebrows in there. So stop by the artilleri diner of doom and give them a try if you like. :)

BTW, Emi is Japanese and means smile!

I need a vacation now. :P

xoxo, Antonia!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Group love skin!

I have set up a group love skin in my mainstore! I have closed the open enrollment to my upload group so that only the, eh, "hardcore" artilleri-ers can get their hands on it. I value my group greatly, and I wanted to do something special for them. So if you are a member of the artilleri update group, slap on that group tag and TP over to the diner of doom to try them on! The makeup is Anett, comes in 5 skintones, freckles and no freckles. Your's for 1L$ (the script thingie wouldnt let me set it to 0L$, sowwie!)


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Clearance sale ending + Grease event!

Hi everyone! :D

Just a reminder to say that the artilleri sale will be ending tonight at 7PM. All the clearance items will be gone and no longer available after this. The sale is located in the drive-in (to the left of the mainstore).

Slurl to the drive-in :)

I'd also like to mention the Grease event at the Max Marina. It was supposed to start at 4PM, but Second Life wanted it different. We are a little delayed, but the sim is up and running again. :) So come on down!
1000L$ to the best boy and girl, a custom car from AM PRO will be given away, and 5 500L$ store cards from artilleri! :) So jump into your best Grease gear and come party with us. :)

Slurl to the drive-in :)

xoxo, Antie :D