Sunday, June 08, 2008

Computer issues :/

Ever since I bought my Dell XPS M1710 a year ago it has been troublesome. It is supposed to be their gaming machine, a "beast", but not mine, oh nooo. Contacting Dell didn't help much (at all), nor did installing XP instead of Vista. I bought more RAM, but that didn't help either. But after a while I got used to it being shitty. I don't know what triggered it into new levels of shitty, but now I can't even stay logged into SL for more than 3 minutes before it freezes up and crashes. Programs like Blender and World of Warcraft (my latest obsession) are acting strange too, but not as bad as SL.

So untill I get this sorted out new releases will have to wait. Customer service will also be slow, but I will do my best, even if it takes me 10 crashes a day to get it done. But please send me a notecard instead of IMs, it makes it so much easier for me to keep track of things. I know I have missed some IMs because of crashes, if you have contacted me and I haven't replied, please send a notecard.

Thanks for your patience! :)


Samara Kasshiki said...

If you haven't tried the release candidate, that might be worth a try. It is currently the ONLY LL client I can log in with :) but works very well. Also there is an OnRez client (from the CSI era) that works much better for some people. Good luck.

Shenandoah Saintlouis said...

Yes, the RC client works best, I have a DELL XPS as well, and it runs smooth with SL. Hope you got those issues solved quick..;)

Noam said...

My beast was acting up recently too. Have you cleaned out the inside of your machine recently?

My problem was it would run SL and then shut down like it was over heating. It turned out my graphics card fan was caked with dust.

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Noam said what I was going to say, however it's kinda difficult on a laptop (I don't know dell's systems off the top of my head so can't tell what is yours) but a good inside cleanup will help it, but also you just may have a lemon and need a lot of it replaced. Sometimes bad batches happen (I recall in 2000 I had to help dell run around my college campus to replace 4500 bad floppy drives- that was fun. NOT). I hope it gets sorted soon though, for your sanity! :)

Emme Mannonen said...

That sucks, when I got my XPS they had put in a bad graphics card in it, I had thought it had something to do with the fans. I'm not that tech savvy.

I only figured it out by having someone (not from Dell) take a look and then I called Dell and told them what the problem was. Hopefully you get it fixed soon.

Ana Lutetia said...

I second Noam. Try to remove the dust. When I accessed SL in a laptop, I had to do it all the time to improve performance.

Mariya Nesiote said...

Aw, sorry to hear this Antie - and I feel your pain, trust me. I'm on a Dell XPS m170 now and it's been all kinds of trouble since last summer (I've had it for longer), when the HD totally fried. The customer service wasn't particularly helpful at ALL. Now SL is a very bumpy ride and I ordered a new laptop less than a week ago. Jag hoppas att det löser sig snart, och att du har en underbaaaar sommar och njuter av vädret!

<3 M

Anonymous said...

are you running dual video cards in SLI? If so go in and take the brackt off to take themout of SLI and run both cards seperately

antonia marat said...

Thanks everyone! Seems a lot of people can relate to computer issues! :D

I have tried cleaning out the computer, but either that's not the problem or I am crappy at vacuuming. And like Kesseret said, cleaning up a laptop isn't that easy.

Max has said he will but on his fight face and call Dell for me tomorrow. I don't want to call them myself because their HQ is in Ireland and I dread speaking in English, especially when I have no clue what I am talking about.

Anon: "Dual video cards in SLI"...? I have no idea. I know where the power button on the computer is, and that's about it.

The specs:,39030091,49284754,00.htm
(I have 3GB RAM, not 2)

kyutie said...

hi! awww. that sucks.. I hope that everything turns out fine for you.. how are you doing?

take care,

Azia said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your laptop, Antonia. I can totally relate. The latest release candidate will let me log in but there is still a memory leak big enough for homeless people to shack up in. The memory leak seems to be less of a problem (though still there) if I don't play the streaming media.

Taking a laptop apart and giving it a good cleaning is something which can best be done in a shop where they have the proper tools (there are a lot of little springs and don't want to do it at home). I take my laptop to be cleaned about every 6 months to a computer place in my neighborhood. They charge about $25 USD to clean it. If your laptop is still under warranty and you take it to a Dell authorized shop, they may not have to charge you at all. I hope it all works out for you soon!

Amber said...

Hmm very strange, I have the same computer too, and Beasty is working just fine for me. Maybe something as simple as updating your drivers? I have no idea really :/ That sucks!!

Anonymous said...

aww well i have the same lappy as u and its wonderful but.. a frined of mine has it as well and has issues it's like every other one they made turned out shitty and its the luck of the draw on who gets on funny.. idk... but i have had mine for almost 3 years now and it's actting funny but right off the back it was nice. i hope it gets better for you

Anonymous said...

even the best computer in the world has problems with SL.

But it sounds like you could have a virus.

Only way to know is make a backup of everything you want to save and reinstall your system. Takes several hours.

Windows is archaic, reinstalling needs to be done every 6 months or so.

Antonia said...

Read the post from August 18th and you'll see that the computer has been fixed. :) A guy from Dell came by and switched out the comps insides, and it is working like a charm now. :) YAY!