Saturday, April 12, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Yay for colourful casuals!

Hey guys! :)

I have some new clothing and glasses released today. As usual, quite the splash of colour! :) Pretty basic pieces of clothing, all excellent for mixing and matching. I'll keep the blabber at a minimum, and show you pictures instead! :)

The Carlita top. 10 colours. Sculptie box knot. All layers available. 120L$ per colour.

The Darla shirt. Comes in 8 colours. Prim attachments: Collar, sleeves, bow knot. 120L$ each colour. The Darla shirts are replacing the older Heidi shirts, which are similar in style, but I have improved my skills in the past year, so I am slowly phasing out some older clothing. But a simple shirt like this is a must-have to me, so I made new ones.

Carla highwaist circle skirts. 8 colours. 120L$ per colour! The picture shows some suggestions as to what else to wear with it. :)

And finally, some new cateye glasses. Gabriella, 120L$ per pair. 8 colours + zebra and leopard. I hardly ever let glasses leave the tip of my nose as a pair of cateyes is the cherry on top for a retro/rockabilly look, so I made some new ones. And also, I now have demos for all the glasses available, I am so sorry for not offering this before. You can get them from the box above the glasses display, the box that says "DEMOS". :) I didn't include every pair of glasses in all colours, but one of each to get an idea of how they suit your face.

On a sidenote, my RL/SL boyfriend Maximilian Milosz is opening his new sim today, MaxMarine. He makes the best boats in SL, hands down! :) So if you want to check it out, the opening is at 4PM - 6PM. :)

That's it for today!

xoxo, Antonia :)

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