Sunday, December 23, 2007

Turkeytime is approaching!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Some sweaters to keep you warm. :D

Hi! :)

This started out as one sweater, but I liked the look of it so much that I ended up with 13, one being a group special for Christmas! :)

The Skully knit ones are the first two I made. One for the gals, and one for the guys. They are pretty much the same, but the mens one has slightly different shading and a different sculptie collar. 130L$.

I loved the Skully knit ones so much that I made plain versions as well. I called these Oslo, because I live in Oslo, and I could need one of these iRL! :) They come in 10 colours, with sculptie collar and sleeves, both jacket and shirt layer. 120L$ each, or buy the fatpack at 50% off; 600L$.

And there's the last one, the Tacky Christmas sweater! :) My favorite of all the 13, and it's a group freebie! Not available in the store. I wanted to make a corny Christmas sweater, and I started thinking about the one Mr Darcy wore in Bridget Jones. :)


xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thank you!

Hello! :D

Just wanted to express my gratitude for winning the Best in retro award at the 2007 Bloggers Choice Awards! A huuuge thank you to everyone who voted for me. There are so many great names in that category, and I was extremely honored to win. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

artilleri was also one of the runner ups in the following awards: Best punk, Best tattoo, Best nonjewelry prim accessories and Most congenial. :D :D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

artilleri getting ready for Christmas!

Hey! :)

Just a few things I wanted to announce.

I LOVE Christmas, so dressing up the artilleri sim in all it's Christmassy glory was fun! :D The park has been transformed into a skating rink, with Lana Mirandas awesome bizarre snowmen that she was so kind to lend out to me. :) Thank you Lana! Moopf Murrays skate vendor is also in place. And yeah, I know that it looks odd with the palm trees alongside the snowy pines, but it's SL, right? :D

I will be offering gift certificates this Christmas to those of you who want to give the gift of artilleri. 200L$, 500L$, 1000L$ and 3000L$. My friend Emma tried to persuade me into using the store card system, but I dread using scripts, so I am doing it the old fashioned way. It's artilleri, afterall. ;)

And since it's Christmas, I made a little tree! :) Charlie Brown style, 25prims, 130L$. And also some pretty little present boxes that are for sale at 20L$ each. Beware that these are EMPTY, you can use them as decoration or to put your gifts inside. Both the tree and the present boxes are mod/transfer/no copy.

Go to artilleri to check it out! :)

High on Christmas,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

artilleri celebrates it's 2 year birthday with a SALE!

Sale, sale, sale!

Everything in the mainstore (this does not include artilleri home) is now set to 50% off it's original price. This sale will last for 48 hours, after that the prices will go back to 100%. I hope you see this as an opportunity to get some extra artilleri stuff at a good price. :)

xoxo, Antiepants

My baby is two years old!

Time flies fast in SL.

It's been over two years since I opened my first store, and I actually didnt even know. The other day someone asked me how long I had had my store, so I took a dive into the depths of my inventory and dragged out the oldest sales box I had. I was thinking it would be from late December 2005, but it turned out it was from October 5th. So this anniversary is almost 2 months late.

Care for a trip down memory lane with me? Warning, this will be a long one. But let's go! I came to SL in August 2005 after seeing my best RL friend drag the belly slider back and forth, and I found that utterly hilarious. Later the same day Antonia Marat was born. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. SL has really turned my life up side down in many ways. The two main things being Max and artilleri. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I began making clothing very soon after joining, I would say about a week or so. I had absolutely no prior experience with it, so needless to say everything I made pretty much sucked. I remember wanting to give up a zillion times, especially while learning to do alpha channels which all seemed like Greek to me. And I don't speak Greek.

Some of the very first artilleri products. As you can see the style has been the same since day one, but I like to think that the quality has improved a little.

My first store was a tiiiny little box outside my home in a sim called Cass. It was open for a week, I didn't sell a single thing, and I closed it down. Then a spot in the Unlimited sim became available, and I was able to snatch it up. And later that day, I had my very first sale. :) And whoho, it was awesome! So a big thank you to dreams Anubis for being my first customer ever.

Some of the earliest artilleri stores.

The mainstore has moved around a little. First Cass, then Unlimited, then CGN (a mall), then Gama, Axel and now finally in the artilleri sim. The first diner store popped up when I moved to Gama in January 2006, and since then I've kept the diner theme.

I know I could go on forever, but I think I have been rambling long enough now. So in wrapping it up, I would like to say thank you. Thank you so very, very, very, very much.

xoxo, Antonia

Monday, November 26, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Jackets for the guys!

Hello. :)

Guys need to stay virtually warm too, right? So I made some jackets. 2 with a lumberjack type pattern, and two in denim.

The lumberjack jackets come in black and red, and they cost 160L$. I made one version with a texture sherpa collar, and one with a sculptie sherpa collar. I wasn't sure which of them to use. I like the texture version, mainly because sculpties become sorta boxy when you zoom out a little. And Max liked the one with the prim collar, so I included both of them so you get to pick yourself which one suits you best.

While I was at it I made a denim jacket as well. This one comes in blue and black. 150L4 each.

I included a plain white tank top with all the jackets.
Up for sale in the artilleri diner of doom!

xoxo, Antonia

Friday, November 23, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Mens cargo pants!

Hey! :D

Hope all you Americans had a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration. I am so jealous, because I love love love turkey. I only get to eat Turkey one day in the year, and that's on Christmas eve. I can't wait!! :D

Ok, over to the new release before I make myself too hungry to speak.

My boyfriend Max has been telling me for ages that he can't find a decent pair of male cargo pants. Supposedly those are hard to find. So with him as guidance, I made some. He likes them, I hope you do too!

5 colours; Black, gray (my fav!), khaki, navy and green. They cost 120L$ each. By Maxs request these are not lowwaist, but go all the way up.

NB1 NB! NB! Due to so many people IMing me lately about missing purchases (money gone but no item delivered) I have decided to make EVERYTHING in my store mod/copy/no transfer. The womens items has had these permissions for a long time, but I used to have the male stuff transferable since so many of us girls like to shop for our guys. But from now on everything is no trans. I hope you understand. This just makes it a whole lot easier for me. If you want to purchase a gift, just send me an IM.

xoxo, Antonia!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Deanna lingerie! :D

Ahoy! :D

Some new lingerie sets are up for sale in the artilleri mainstore. I rearly (that would be never) wear lingerie in SL, but lord, it's FUN! :D I had such a great time doing the ads for these. I dont often find a good excuse to wear lingerie in SL, but this was a good opertunity. :D

The Deanna set comes in 9 versions:
3 x cherry (white, pink and black)
3 x polkadot (white, red and black)
3 x animal print (leo, zebra and snakeskinish)

The artilleri group recived a special blue version of the cherry one in celebration that there are now over 1000 members in the group. Hooray! :D

Heeere they are! (please click for bigger view)

Hope you like. They are up for sale in the artilleri diner of doom for 175L$ a set.

xoxo, Antonia

Friday, November 16, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Tops, glasses and jewelry! :)

Hey! :D

Time for another update at artilleri. I've been trying to get a hang of Blender lately, that's why I've been so quiet. Todays release isn't very sculptie heavy tho apart from some minor things in the necklace. I tried making some shoes but I have yet to succeed in making anything decent enough. But I'm getting there! :)
Ok, over to todays newness.

The Wing heart necklace is based off a couple of different necklaces I have iRL. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. This one comes in 6 colours, all sold in 1 pack. 150L$.

I dont know if any of you guys remember the glasses I had in my store that were called Buddy Holly? Well, I wasn't 100% happy with the texture on those, so I retired them and made a new and similar pair, just better. They come in a normal version plus the ├╝bergeeky taped ones. 130L$.

I also made some new plain tank tops. I used to have plain tanktops before, but I retired them after the last sale, intending to make new ones. And now I did! Superduper plain, nothing fancy, just a basic must-have. I can never get enough tanktops. And they all come in 2 versions, one long and one short. 100L$ per colour.

And that's it for now. Have a awesome weekend guys! :)

xoxo, Antonia M

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm so sorry.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the Quad and those close to Ginny.

Death is Nothing at All
by Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918)Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral

Death is nothing at all.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other,
that we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.
Let it be spoken without affect,
without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolutely unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you,
for an interval,
somewhere very near,
just around the corner.

All is well.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween hunt!

Ready for a halloween hunt?

I have placed 20 skulls around the sim. These all contain different artilleri products, all in orange. Some of these can be found in the store, some are special versions that I made for this hunt. Just.. Orange! :)

The skulls are hidden all around the sim, not only inside the store. They are all visible, not completly covered by a prim or anything like that. I thiiink I was pretty kind while hiding them. :) I think... :)

Each skull costs 1L$. That is not to earn money, but to weigh up for the L$ I used to upload all the special versions.

The hunt will be up untill Saturday I think. I have a very busy weekend in front of my, my parents are coming to visit me and Max! :D I havent seen them in 6 months, so I am looking forward to it very much. :) But I will try to stop by and take down the hunt on Saturday. Yep.

And oh, if you are curious about the size of the skulls, samples are just inside the entrance of the store, above the big "halloween hunt" box info thinger thinger thing. :D

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! More for the winter.

Hai! :)

Winter. I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of it, which is one of the reason why my sim is set to a sort of Californian climate. Palm trees, beaches, sunshine all year round. But the fact is that I live in Norway which at the moment has nooothing Californian to it. Not quite winter yet, some of the yellow leaves are still clinging on to their branches, I have yet to see any snow, but I think it's around the corner. SO! I guess you could say the climate inspired me to make some more wintery clothing.

The Kats coats were a huge hit, so maybe maybe you will like these too. *crosses fingers*

This is the Ronja jacket. It comes in 6 colours, all very fall-y. Black, white, blue, green, yellow and red. And they have optional sculptie sleeves! Yay for sculpties! I'm just learning to make them, slowly, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, at least for more simple shapes like the sleeves. This jacket will keep you warm for 150L$ each, or 500L$ for the fatpack.

I also made some scarves, 20 of them! Perfect to wear with the Ronja jackets, these come in 4 sets; knitted, thready (in lack of a better word), silky and funky. The three first ones are in solid colours, while the funky ones have different patterns on them. Cherries, skulls, leopard, some flowers and of course, polkadots.
Here's a picture of all of them:

Thanks for looking!

xoxo, Antonia

Monday, October 22, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! 3 cute costumes and a Hawaii style dress! :D


Someone from a magazine IMed me a week ago or so and asked if I was planning on doing any halloween costumes. I told her no. And then I changed my mind. So to the nice lady who IMed me, if you are out there: I forgot your name, but you can IM me again if you want a review copy or something. :)

I made three costumes, all inspired by the style outfits you might have seen pinups from the 40ies and 50ies wearing. Sailor, army and a huula girl.

Savvy Sailor was the first one I made. I have my doubts that an actual sailor would wear this, but we can! :) Comes with a striped tank top, white stockings, cute bow attachments and sailor dress. 220L$.

Next on my list was the Pinup Army babe. Again, not exactly what the troops are sporting in Irak these days, but certainly something a pinup would wear! Highwaist shorts, cropped top and of course, stockings. 220L$.

And last, but not least, the Hula girl. This one might be my favorite, cause I love love love anything tiki related. This set comes with a prim skirt and a system skirt. Whichever one you like. A lei, of course, and flower armbands. Prim coconut bra (talk about support), aaand a coconut drink! :) 220L$.

I also made a new hawaii style dress; Tasty Tiki! I have a couple of tops with tropical patterns in my store, but no dresses. Untill now, that is. This one comes in 3 colours. It's made using the system skirt (I've actually really started to like those recently) and it has a cute little sash for some extra something something. Perfect for a late evening at the beach. Or as Shakira would have said; Whenever, wherever. *wiggles it*
And oh, this one is 180L$.

Allright, that's it for now. :) If you saw something you liked, head on down to artilleri! Slurl:artilleri

xoxo, Antonia

Friday, October 12, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! highwaist skirts, ruffle bikinis and a FREEBIE. :D (yay)

Hey guys!

I finally made it back into photoshop to make some more clothing. :D And thanks for all the nice feedback on the artilleri homestore guys, I am so glad people seem to like it.

Ok. The clothes.

The wonderful Marni Grut requested that I make a pencil skirt version of my previously released nina highwaist pants, and that seems to have been a pretty damn good idea. I wasnt so sure at first since I absolutely dread the system skirts, but with a dress shape these look fabulous! They're named Gina, and come in 8 colours and cost 120L$. Glitch pants, jacket layer (for the highwaist action) and two versions of the skirt is included. One with a mid seam, one without. I did two because the mid area of the skirts tend to stretch a lot depending on your pose.

The other new thing new today are the ruffle ricki bikinis. They come in 6 yummy colours. The ruffles are prim attachments. 120L$ for one, 500L$ for the fatpack. Perfect for a retro day at the beach! :D Or as I've discovered, the tops look awesome with one of the gina highwaist skirts. :)

A limited edition of the ricki ruffle bikini in purple is available for FREE for the next 24 hours or so. You can find it right inside the entrance of the store. :) Go get it while you can! The purple version will NOT be for sale.

xoxo, antonia

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! the homestore!

Hello. :)

My friend Marcelle suggested I'd make a trailer a while ago. And I did. And then I made a table to go with it. And then some chairs. And then this and then that and then.. Tadaa, a whole new branch of artilleri came to life, artilleri home.

This is just going to be an ongoing side project, it's nice to have something else to do when opening photoshop makes you want to puke. That happens sometimes. :)

SLURL to artilleri home: artilleri home

xoxo, Antonia

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Kats coat in 4 more colours.

Heya. :)

I had quite a few requests to do the Kats coat in more colours. Emma even suggested that I do it before I released the first batch. Guess I should learn to listen to that little woman. :)

Kats coat yellow ad:

Anyway, 4 more colours, these are more fun and bright than the others that were more autumny. I also changed the fatpack setup on these a little, cause a lot of people already got the first ones, and 10 coats in one pack would be a little much. So now it's devided into autumn, leo (just two in this pack) and the new ones; colours. 200L$ for singles, 500L$ (300L$ for the leos) for fatpacks. :)

Hope you like! And thanks for all the wonderful feedback, I appriciate it lots!!

SLURL to artilleri: artilleri

<3, Ant

Monday, September 17, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Classic retro shirts for teh MEN!

Heya. :D

Something new today,and lo and behold.. It's for the men wandering among us! A set of 10 retro shirts with prim attachments for that extra something something.

The pinstriped version:

And all 10:

They come with a prim collar and prim sleeves. One of the prim sleeves has a cigarette pack tucked into it, but I naturally included one without it for all the non-smokers out there. I know that cigarettes are very frowned upon by some, I hope no one takes offense. :)

<3 Antonia

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Kats coat! <3

Heya. :D

Oh wow, I am so tired right now. I'm glad to finally be able to release these. Kats coat! It comes in 6 variations; two leo and 4 colour. Warm and cozy, these should keep you warm in the autumn and winter. :)

200L$ for singles, 650L$ for a fatpack.


xoxo, a very tired Antonia. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

artilleri SALE!

Oh hai!

Yeeep, having a little sale as a byebye to old items. Earlier when I've retired items I've done so silently, but this time around I decided to hold a 50% off sale for those of you who might want to pick up some stuff at a great price. I have cleared all my stores for these items, so this is the only place you'll find them. And in one week, September 13th, they're gone. Byyye!

I set up a little skybox in my sim, TP there using this SLURL, or use the pick in myy, uhm, picks! :)
artilleri SALE skybox

xoxo, Antonia

Sunday, September 02, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! :) Pants, shirts and glasses!


I have some new stuff up for sale in the artilleri mainstore. Lets have a looksie.

First off we have the Nina highwaist pants. They come in 8 colours and, well, they pretty much rock! :) Black, blue, green, red, orange, pink, white and yellow. Yum! 120L$ for a pair, 620L$ for all 8!

I cant get enough of glasses. I wear the previously released Greta glasses allll the time, so here comes Gladys! Foureyes unite! With a nice mix of texture and prims these are perfect for any retro vixen out there. I originally made these in black only, but my friend Marcelle smacked me in the back of my head and convinced me that colour is our friend. Which I already knew, I was just sleepy at the time. Anyway, they come not only in black but also in white, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, pink and purple. And they all have gold detailing. Also yum! 120L$ for each pair, and a great deal for fatpacks on glasses, they're only 500L$!

Last new today are the Beatrix shirts. They have a gingham pattern, prim collar and sleeves and come in 8 colours. They are cropped to show off some belly, but if you dont want to show that much skin wear them with one of the Nina pants! Looks grrreat! 100L$ for a shirt, 450L$ for them all.

I really hope you see something you like here, and if you do, here is a SLURL:

xoxo, Antonia

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! 4 new hairs!

Hello world!

I dont know what's up with me these days, I made more hair. I normally leave it to the experts, but the experts seem to be on vacation or something so I had to make more myself to tend to my hair addiction. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

First we have Myst, a sexy updo with the obligatory straight bangs that I love so much. This one was inspired by a picture of the wonderful Masuimi Max, one of my favorite pinup models.

Then we have Dayna V1 and V2. I made Dayna V2 first, but in the process I saw that a version with a ponytail on the side would work too. So pick the one you like best. :) Dayna is also made after a picture of a pinup model, this time the wonderful Dayna DeLux.

Last by not least a hair I called Sarah Jane. Not your everyday kinda style maybe, but I like it! This one has been lying my my inventory for a while, I finally got around to releasing it today. :)

190L$ for a pack of three colours. And free demos available, of course.

I should also add that I retired some styles today; The Charlotte v1 and v2, Honey (first style I ever made) and Molly. Making room for more and better hair! :)

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, August 25, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Vicky dresses and Rita HAIR!

Vicky dresses!

Aaaand Rita hair!

Up for sale in the mainstore. :D

<3, Antie

Monday, August 20, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Accessories, accessories, accessories aaand a dress.

Allo, allo!

New things out for sale in the artilleri mainstore, hooray! This time around I focused on accessories, and I am very happy with how it all turned out!

Dices, baby, dices. I dont know what it is about this box shaped thing that makes it so cool, it just is! This set consists of a necklace with matching earrings. The lovely Mystical Cookie, creator of the MystiTool which everyone should have, was kind enough to help me script this baby. Click it, and a menu pops up that allows you to chose between 11 different colours.

My love for cherries never ends. Here is another proof. Necklace and earrings, in both a gold and silver version. Like Emma Gilmour said: Those look so real I just could eat them!

Last set of accessories are these heart earrings. Funky, fun, glittery and colourful. They come in 7 different colour combinations cause I couldnt make up my mind. Try on the 1984 set (yellow, pink and blue) when you are feeling a little crazy, or just go for the black or silver ones for a more classy look.

I also took a dive into Photoshop and made some clothing. This set is called Beatha. It has a white skirt with a floral patter on the bottom, plus 5 tops in matching colours. Housewifey and sweet. :)

Ok, that's all folks. :) Hope you like!

<3, Antonia