Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NEW @ artilleri home! Tiki bar, phone and lamps!

Hello. :D

I have devoted my time lately to my little side project, artilleri home. That's the building in the northwest corner of my sim, where I sell stuff for, yes you guessed it, your home! So if you are looking to retroify your house, that is a good place to start.

Ahh, the tiki bar. If there is one aspect of retro style I love more than any other, it would be tiki/tropical. So throw on some beachy clothes, put a flower in your hair and have a drink by the bar. This is quite the prim hog with a total of 98 prims, but if you are on a prim budget remember that the bar itself is only 16 prims, and the stools 7 each. Here is a list of what's included and how many prims each object is:

Bar (16 prims)
Stools (7 prims x 2)
Books (2 prims x 2)
Blender (8 prims)
Fruit bowl (12 prims)
Martini + water glasses (9 prims)
Drink shaker (3 prims)
Martini drink w olive(5 prims)
Longdrink (10 prims)
Tropical drink (17 prims)

The bar is scripted with a bartender pose, and the stools with sits.
Located right across from the entrance of the homestore. 500L$.

Next up we have some lamps. Reno, Tampa and Boca. Reno is the tall floorlamp, and it comes in 5 colours. Tampa is the table lamp, and I am head over heels in love with it. My heart overfilleth! :D And last we have the Boca lamps. Inspired by some lamps at a retro bar (Bar Boca) just up the street from where I live. Oslo rock city! ;D These come in 4 colours. All lamps are 125L$ each. Located in the lamps section of the homestore.

To wrap it up for today I have this 60'ies phone, requested by the lovely Marni Grut of Royal Blue
. I ended up including two versions of the phone; one is 15 prims and the other 5. There is no question which ones look best and most detailed, but having a lowprim alternative is always good. I know, I used to live on 512m2. And oh, they are scripted with a colour change script (66 colours, click and chose from dropdown menu), so you can make it match the rest of your house. 125L$, located in the blue room in the homestore.

That's it for now!
xoxo, Antonia


Anonymous said...

I'm getting all of these!!!! <3333 -Gogo

Canimal said...

AHHH THE AWESOMENESS!! *head splodes*

Betty Doyle said...

*swoons* I've been in a particularly Tiki mood myself lately. Must be spring. <3