Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! 4 new hairs!

Hello world!

I dont know what's up with me these days, I made more hair. I normally leave it to the experts, but the experts seem to be on vacation or something so I had to make more myself to tend to my hair addiction. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

First we have Myst, a sexy updo with the obligatory straight bangs that I love so much. This one was inspired by a picture of the wonderful Masuimi Max, one of my favorite pinup models.

Then we have Dayna V1 and V2. I made Dayna V2 first, but in the process I saw that a version with a ponytail on the side would work too. So pick the one you like best. :) Dayna is also made after a picture of a pinup model, this time the wonderful Dayna DeLux.

Last by not least a hair I called Sarah Jane. Not your everyday kinda style maybe, but I like it! This one has been lying my my inventory for a while, I finally got around to releasing it today. :)

190L$ for a pack of three colours. And free demos available, of course.

I should also add that I retired some styles today; The Charlotte v1 and v2, Honey (first style I ever made) and Molly. Making room for more and better hair! :)

xoxo, Antonia

Saturday, August 25, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Vicky dresses and Rita HAIR!

Vicky dresses!

Aaaand Rita hair!

Up for sale in the mainstore. :D

<3, Antie

Monday, August 20, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Accessories, accessories, accessories aaand a dress.

Allo, allo!

New things out for sale in the artilleri mainstore, hooray! This time around I focused on accessories, and I am very happy with how it all turned out!

Dices, baby, dices. I dont know what it is about this box shaped thing that makes it so cool, it just is! This set consists of a necklace with matching earrings. The lovely Mystical Cookie, creator of the MystiTool which everyone should have, was kind enough to help me script this baby. Click it, and a menu pops up that allows you to chose between 11 different colours.

My love for cherries never ends. Here is another proof. Necklace and earrings, in both a gold and silver version. Like Emma Gilmour said: Those look so real I just could eat them!

Last set of accessories are these heart earrings. Funky, fun, glittery and colourful. They come in 7 different colour combinations cause I couldnt make up my mind. Try on the 1984 set (yellow, pink and blue) when you are feeling a little crazy, or just go for the black or silver ones for a more classy look.

I also took a dive into Photoshop and made some clothing. This set is called Beatha. It has a white skirt with a floral patter on the bottom, plus 5 tops in matching colours. Housewifey and sweet. :)

Ok, that's all folks. :) Hope you like!

<3, Antonia

Monday, August 13, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! :D The Jen set, Roxie Jackets and tank tops!

Hey. :)

It's been a busy week. First the birthday, then the celebration of the birthday, and then the hungoverness after the birthday. But finally, some new stuff out at artilleri today!

Hope you see something you like, and if you do, you know the drill. Buy? :D

xoxo, Antie

Thursday, August 02, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Shirts, tops, jackets.. Upper body stuffs!

Hey everyone! *waves*

Max and I made it down in one piece from the mountains, and I'm back in front of the computer making stuffs.

The Lacy Leo top comes in 3 colour variations on the lace (black, pink and blue), and in a long and short version. So that is 6 tops all together, sold in a pack for 200L$.

Sweet sweet is a retro wrap top with a strawberry print. Cute and feminine, this top comes in a pack with 4 colours (white, blue, yellow and pink), and costs 180L$ for all 4.

My fling with strawberries could only last so so long before I was back doing cherry stuff. So here's a cardigan.. with a cherry patch on it! ;D Actually, two cherry patches, there is one on the front and one in the neck. They come in black, red and green. I own the black one iRL. I have a bad habit of sewing cherry patches on about everything I own. :) 180L$ for all three colours.

Last but not least I made some bikerstyle jackets for the tough chicks out there! I know bikerjackets have been done in SL before, but well, here is my go on it. The must-have black, of course, but also a rocking PINK and blue one! I just love'em! :D Sold seperately, 110$L each.

Ok, that's it for now. Hope you see something you like, and if you do, stop by the mainstore! While you are there, take the time to explore the rest of the sim. There's clothes to buy and fun to be had. Yeeehaw! :D

artilleri mainstore

<3, Antiepants