Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NEW @ Artilleri Home! Diner furniture, lamps, ashtray.

Hi guys!

As much as I love Christmas and New Years, I'm glad to get back into my daily routine again. A brand spanking new year, I feel inspired and ready. Here's hoping that feeling lasts!

Todays release at Artilleri Home is all things I started working on (or even finished) last year, but I never got around to complete and release. But they are good to go now! Let's have a little look.

Artilleri Diner furniture

The Artilleri mainstore is a diner, so making some furniture to go with it seems only natural. I've sold diner booths in the past, but they were made looong ago in pre-sculptie days. I'll be blunt and say that these are a huge improvement from the old ones. Available in 8 colours, booths/sofas, stools and chairs. All scripted with sits. Buy singles, buy colour sets.
There are also 3 types of tables for sale, you can purchase these in a pack or as singles.
Prices vary from 100 to 230 L$. And it's all COPYABLE (everything at Artilleri Home is), so no need to buy several of each if you want to decorate a diner of your own.

Melbourne lamp

This lamp first made it's appearance at a Fifty Linden Fridays a good while ago. I finally got around to make the rest of the colours. 4 colours available, mod/copy, 125L$ each.

Birger ashtray

First of all, smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't do it. Ok kids, you hear? BAD! That being said, it was part of the 1950's culture and I'm using that as my excuse for virtually trying to poison your bodies. The Birger ashtray is in the atomic style, and it's scripted with 12 colours. Click'n'pick! Mod/copy. 150L$.

Stop by Artilleri Home to see it all on display and bring something home if you like!