Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! Time to hit the beach!


Finally, finally, finally... My computer has been fixed and it in top-top shape! Mr Dell-man came by last week and changed the motherboard, the graphics card and the fans. It is running 10 times better than it ever has. I'm überhappy!

I haven't released anything new since May. I've been enjoying some time away from SL, but I have a new release today. And since today (today for me right now is Aug19th) is my 3rd rezday I'm having a 50% off sale on the new releases till midnight Aug19 SLT!

The new releases are all about fun at the beach:
Leelee bikini (zebra and leopard)
Alexa bikini (8 colours)
Annalee bikini (8 colours)
Sabrina bathingsuit (8 colours)
Onyxia sunglasses (10 colours)
Magda lounge with tanning reflector and colour change

If you see something you like, come on down to the diner of doom and grab'em while they're 50% off. And then hit the beach!

xoxo, Antonia

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Neferia said...

Jeg har rezdag i morra den 20 august,da blir jeg 2 år!