Saturday, February 09, 2008

NEW @ artilleri! LOTS of stuff!

2 months without a update... About time for some new stuff, yes? Yes! :)

I made some new hair flowers. These are sculpted and I adore them! The Tropicana flower (the one to the left in the pic) has a texture change script in it. Just click it and pick from one of the 8 colours. The rose one is not scripted because of the number of prims that has to be retextured (it would cause lag), but I did include 5 different colours for that one too. Both flowers come with 3 attachment points; nose, mouth and chin. 150L$ each.
Then there's the bead hoop earrings, yum! Colour scripted with 60 colours, these can match whatever it is you wear. Classy or fun! 130L$.
A huge thank you to Mystical Cookie for helping me out with the scripts, you're a doll!

These tops I named Ah, Bella! They are sold in two packs; the animal print and the tropical. Sculpted sleeves give these that extra ommph, but they look great without the sleeves too. 180L$ per pack (two colours/versions).

These tops are called Abby. They come in 8 colours; black, red, yellow, orange, blue, teal, blue and pink. :) 120L$ each, or 450L$ for a fatpack.

We can't forget the rockin guys out there either? Nope. 3 tanktops with prints on them. They are sold seperately for 130L$ each. All layers included. Aaaand they look just as good on chicks as on guys, if you ask me. I am wearing the white one right now!

Finally, one more thing for the guys, the Jonas jeans. They come with sculpted cuffs and a metal chain. 130L$.


Have a nice weekend guys! And I promise, it wont be 2 months untill the next update.

xoxo, Antonia

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