Friday, May 16, 2008

Emi skins - They're here!

Hi guys!

So finally, after weeks of work, and huuundreds of uploads, the Emi skins are here! 5 skintones and 15 makeups. All the makeups come in regular and freckled versions, and there are free demos available for them all. The skins are 850L$ each, and include the two versions (regular and freckled), a pair of prim lashes. You can change the brow colour with the hair colour sliders in apperance, but to make it as simple as possible I have included some basic eyebrows in there. So stop by the artilleri diner of doom and give them a try if you like. :)

BTW, Emi is Japanese and means smile!

I need a vacation now. :P

xoxo, Antonia!

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