Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW @ artilleri! Loads of stuff! And a diner makeover!

Hey guys!

Loads of new stuff at Artilleri today. And a diner makeover! I've re-done all my ads. What a nightmare... But I think, and you hopefully agree, that it looks better now. The diner is also a little bit taller so that I could make better use of the top floor. Please stop by to check it out! :)

Here's a little collage of the new stuff. All of these are available in 3-10 colours.

Also, the Emi skins have been marked down to 200L$ per makeup. These are located on the top floor, above the entrance.


Antie! :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NEW @ artilleri! 3 hairs!


Old hairs bye, new hairs hello! After 1 1/2 years of cowering in fear whenever someone suggested I make hair, I finally faced my fears and gave it a go. And hey, it ain't too bad! I'm far from a expert, but I think these 3 turned out pretty good!


Sabina II:


Both Sabina hairs come with texture change bandanas. 37 yummy textures divided into these categories: Plains, polkadots, animal, tropical and misc.
All hairs available in 20 colours. Sold in packs of 4; Blondes, blacks, browns, reds and rainbow. Packs are 200L$ each, and fatpacks are 20% off at 800L$. Demos are, of course, free.

The hairs are located on the upper floor of the diner, above the stage.

Hope you like them!