Saturday, October 24, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! Cardigans, skirts and tees!

Hi guys! :)

TGIF! I hope the weekend has had a good start for you guys. :) I have a couple new things out in the store, want to have a look?

Elspeth cardigans! I've been meaning to do a cardigan for a long time. I make a lot of tops, and now that the colder weather is coming in (here in Norway it sure is) it's nice to have a cosy cardigan to keep warm and stay cute. :) Elspeth comes in 12 colours and costs 150L$. For that money you get a polkadot and a plain version in all layers. The fatpack is 12 for the price of 6, 900L$. Yay? :)

Tiffany skirts! System skirts might not be everyones favorite, but it is one of mine! Pencil skirts simply cannot be done as well with prims. Hooray for system skirts and I hope someone out there agrees. This one comes in 6 colours, is made in a thick fabric to keep you warm. Dress up for the office with some cute heels, dress it down for a day in the park with some leggings, boots and, oh, the Elspeth cardigan? Comes in 6 colours and includes a decorative belt with a matching rose on it. Remember to wear your skirt shape! 100L$ per skirt, 400 for the fatpack!

NB! If you are not a Twilight fan you can ignore this next part. :D

A little while back I grew tired of hearing all my friends on Plurk talk about Twilight and how awesome/terrible it was, so I wanted to find out for myself what I thought so I watched the movie. 5 days later I had read all 4 books, seen the movie 6 times and settled myself into the Team Edward camp. In danger of sounding like a 14 year old crazed fan... OMG NEW MOON IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! Of course I had to make a Team Edward tee! And I know there are some Team Jacob people out there as well so I made both. These come in sets of 4. One for TE, one for TJ. All white tees, but with different colour text on them. 90L$ per set!

And that's it! Oh, one more thing. Me and my good friend Ewan Mureaux have been hard at work putting together a winter/Christmas sim! Winterstock will be opening on November 5th with lots of great designers offering the best wear for winter and Christmas. Have a look at the website for some info:
If you are a designer planning to do wintery stuff, and you are intrested in renting a stall at Winterstock, contact Ewan Mureaux. :)


Love, Antonia :) <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

Artilleri - Fifty Linden Fridays!


Artilleri is participating in this weeks Fifty Linden Friday! These are the two items I have out in the store, both set at 50L$. A special colour of the Wilma dress, and a new lamp. Because lamps rock, ok?

Be sure to check out the other participating stores too, there are some great bargains to be made!


Xoxo, Antie :)