Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ok, two more.. And I'm done. For now. :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

¨Made another version of the Lulu bracelet...

And also a freeboe for Christmas, as a thank you to all my customers who mean everything to artilleri!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Those of you who like the Racer bracelet will love this one. :) Lulu! Mod/Copy (IM me for transfer versions), 100L$, Cute and cool! Up for sale at my mainstore in Gama.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good morning world!

Wild Wendy. 100L$ a pair. Green, red, pink and black/white. Copy/transfer. Coolness. ;)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey. :D

Übermensch is superhuman. Bettie is pretty damn super. Ergo, Bettie is übermensch.

170L$, pack of 5 colours, mod/copy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


More hair at artilleri. I made this one in two versions, cause I cant be without my straight bangs, but not everyone may feel that way, so.. Two versions it is. You can find this hair and try out the demos at my mainstore in Gama! :)

<3 antie.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey folks. :D

Liiiiingerie at artilleri! This set can be worn in many different ways. Comes with 3 tops! Panties, stockings, nipple tassels... You can get it in either green or pink. Hope you like.

Stay sexy! :D


Friday, December 08, 2006

Haaaair. It's been a while since I made hair, but a couple of days ago Satine Dot announced there would be no updates at Old Gravy untill further notice. And she makes the best rockabilly hair out there! Where will I get my straight bangs fix?!?! Answer is I have to do it myself. I'm already missing Satine and she is queen of rockabilly hair, but it was fun making this one too. I'm not an experienced hairmaker, but I'm doing my best! :)

Sabrina has a colour change bandana with a very simple script, so that you can change it's colour as you desire. I've included a notecard with instructions.

Come on down to Gama and try on the demos and see what you think! Hope you like.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another necklace, sailor goodies this time! Goes great with my Ahoy Sailor set! 140L$ for a pack of both colours.

This set comes with earrings and a cute little necklace. Cute little cherry image framed in in either a silver or a red frame. 130L$ a set, MOD/COPY. Want this as a gift? IM me. :)


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


New pants at artilleri today. Capri type pants with, suuurprise, surprise... Leopard print along the sides! :D I'll have to open a whole leopard print section in my store soon, I have quite a bit of it now. But seriously, I never seem to grow tired of it.

These are being sold in a pack with all 8 colour options at 240L$. Copy/mod. I am willing to sell singles, just IM me and tell me what colour you want. 100L$ for singles.

Up for sale in Gama. TP there via my profile!

Hey. :D

Response on todays earlier release was übergreat, so I made a lower body tattoo set to add to the hotness. My favourite part of this tatt is the cherries on the back of the calves, that's something I've been wanting to get the RL Antonia. But I'm a chickenshit. And daddy-o wont like it.

Stewed, screwed and certainly tattooed. As miss Dakota Buck says, it's a higher kind of cool.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hey. :D

It's been a while since I made my first and untill now only tattoo. I have no idea how many people have asked me to do more, but.. Lots. And I wear tattoos ISL all the time, so it's only natural I got around to making another one. Filled with oldschool goodness, you'll be begging for reasons to show some skin in this tatt. Well, at least I will be. And the rest of us rockabilly maniacs.

150L$ at my mainstore in Gama! CHeck my profile to get there.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey. :)

Two new updates at artilleri today. Lookie:

Dotty is sold in a pack with 6 colours, and the whole thing costs 190L$. A really nice basic dotty top. Total qjootness.

A tee. 60L$. I dont know what else to say about it. :)

Both up for sale at my mainstore in Gama. Check my picks for LM.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


So finally, FINALLY, I got my head outta the sand and did what I've been promising to just about every other guy in SL.. I made more guy shirts. 8 in all. As usual, up for sale at my mainstore in Gama.

I liked the guy shirts a lot, and I wore some of them myself. Decided to make a modded girlieversion of two of them, so those are up for sale too!

I'm really appriciative of my update group, so I've decided to send out the artilleri worker shirt to everyone. Guy version for the guys, and a girlieversion for the dolls! Concider it an early Christmasgift.

You cant find artilleri in search right now, so I suggest you go there via my profile. I have artilleri on top of my picks.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! 2 new tankies.

Hey. :) Two new tankies. Aloha and Sailor. 90L$ each. For sale at my mainstore. Yeah. I guess that covers it. :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Meow bikini!

Hey! :D

Today Max and I were doing a pinup photoshoot (he is an amaaazing photographer, will show you the results later), and as usual, I had noothing to wear... Even tho my inventory is filled to the brink. :D Thank heaven for Photoshop! :) I whipped up this cute little bikini, and loved how it came out, so I'm sharing! Retrorama! Match it up with a retro hairdo and a cute little flower in your hair, and you're ready for the beach!

Up for sale at my mainstore in Gama. :D

Thursday, November 23, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! 18 (!!) tank tops!

Hey folks.

18 tanktops out today. 10 of them are plain ones with bright colours, the remaining 8 have all sorts of retro stuff going on; leopard, cherries, polka dots, cats... 60L$ for the plain ones, 90L$ for the ones with prints.

Up for sale at my mainstore in Gama! :D


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Pyramid stud belt and Barracuda pants.

Hey guys. :)

I'm back home! Bad news for my love life, but great news for artilleri! :D So I have a couple of new releases for you today. They are all inspired by RL clothes/things of mine. Antie is becoming Solveig, Solveig is becoming Antie. Let's have a look, shall we?

First there's the pyramid stud belt. The pyramid studs are texture, but it looks really good! Making them in prims would kill SL. :P I was going to make a pyramid belt straight on the Barracuda pants, just as a flat texture, but I decided to make a prim version instead, and it looks great! I really recommend wearing these two together.

Speaking of the Barracuda pants... 3 colours, sold in a single pack. They have a cute little dice patch on the front, and a swallow on the back pocket.

These are up for sale at my mainstore in Gama, come check it out! :D


Saturday, November 18, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Rockin' earrings!


Is it? Can it be? IT IS! A update at artilleri! :) I'm still visiting Max, but I found time to squeese in a little prim work. I've been meaning to make these earrings for a long time, but I havent gotten around to do it untill now. Anyway, here they are! Checkered and colour scripted, so you can make them match any outfit you have. I'm not quite sure how many colours you can choose from, but it's LOTS. 80ish or something. A little notecard explaining the colour code and a texture with all the colours is included. Qjoooot!

Up at my mainstore in Gama. Which is open again, BTW. I closed it down during the CopyBot dramalama, but reopened when it turned out it wasnt such a big problem as first assumed.

I'm going back home in a few days, so expect lots more updates!

Hope you like!


Monday, November 06, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Cherry winter set!

Allo, allo!

Getting a tad bit chilly outside, isnt it? Yep, sure is. So to prevent our avatars getting a cold and having to stay in bed throughout the winter I made this little set, which includes a pair of cute prim mittens and a scarf. But we still want to look cool, even tho we cant be all hoochied up, yeah? The solution is, as the solution to all the worlds problems, well.. Cherries! :D

Head on down to the artilleri mainstore in Gama to pick this up. LM in my inworld picks, or just search for artilleri. :) TY!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Ahoooy sailor!

Ahoy! :)

I'm, as some of you may know, visiting Max IRL at the moment, therefor the seldom updates.. But here's one! Ahoy sailor! This sexy'n'sassy set comes in two colours, blue and red, and will make you the hotties thing ever seen on the marina! :D Two shirts (blue/red), two panties (blue/red), stockings and a cute pair of shorts. It'll make the sailors go wild. ;D

Up for sale at my mainstore in Gama!


Friday, October 27, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Margaret! (hair)

Hey again.

One last update before I head on off to Oslo to visit Max tomorrow morning.

Aaanyway, before I say more stupid stuff, let's get on with the hair. Margaret comes, as the other hairs, in 12 colours, photorealistic textures, sold in packs of 3 at 170L$ per pack. Along with the hair I added four hair adornments for this hair. They are attached to the chin, so that you can decide yourself which one you want to wear, if any. Works fine without it too!

The hair itself is curly and some if it is tied back. Yeah, that was a really breathtaking description. I'm just tired, sorry. :) But check out the demo!

Thank you. -Ant-

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Molly!

Hey again.

More hair! Molly comes in 12 colours, sold in packs of 3, 170L$ a pack. Simple, yet sexy. Try out the demo in my mainstore in Gama to see what you think. :)

NEW @ artilleri! Tempting.


Another day, another update. See, I'm saving up for a computer, so I try to make as much cool stuff for you guys as possible, so I can earn me some money. I actually dont have a computer of my own, which is a drag. I'd love to get myself a laptop, so that I can bring it with me to Oslo whenever I go there to visit my boyfriend Maxiepoopers. Yep. So there ya have it. Pity me? :)

Ok, the update. A dress, I called it Tempting, cause that's what it is. :) Tempting, sexy, hot, with quite the dash of 80ies rock in it. It comes with a shirt, a skirt (pants layer + prims) and a prim belt buckle. Mod/Copy, 180L$ @ my main store in Gama. Check my inworld picks for a teleport, or simply do a search for artilleri. Thanks for looking!


Monday, October 23, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Jami!


Another hair at artilleri today. I had a lot of fun making the first hair (Honey), and I got a lot of positive feedback, so I'm definately going to make more hair. This little do is named Jami after pinup model and Marilyn Monroe impersonator Jami Deadly. 12 colours in packs of 3, 170L$ per pack.

Demo and hair can be found in my mainstore, LM in my inworld picks. Hope you like!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Honey HAIR!

Hey. :)

And yep, that's right folks. I caved in , and I made hair... After over a year as a hair whore ISL it's about time I give it a try. Honey. 12 colours, sold in packs of 3. Blondes, reds, browns and blacks, 170L$ a pack. It has a leopard print hairband, guess that didnt come as a surprise.. And it has straight bangs. Very Antieish, in other words. The hair comes with two roses, I chose to make these optional, so they are attached to the chin. Hmm.. What else...? Mod/copy, as most hair.

Yep. That's about it. Hope you like! :D Check out the demo before you buy.

In the ad: Skin and pants by Lost Thereian, tattoo by Bellish Valois, the rest is from artilleri.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! *Purr* shoes!

Hey. :)

The first 4 pairs of shoes were a big hit, here's another pair! I'm not getting tired of leopard prints anytime soon, so I bring thee *Purr*! Retrolicious and sexy, with a colourscript that enables you to match these shoes to your favourite outfits. They fit feet size 0.

They are up for sale at my mainstore in Gama. Check out my inworld pics for a LM. :)


Thursday, October 12, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Sahara Hotnights dresses!


Allrighty, new at artilleri today is Sahara Hotnights. A black, short and sexy little piece with three different prints to choose from; Lucky 7, Swallow and Flamingo. Bright, fun colours that really stand out. The dress comes in 4 pieces; a shirt, pants and prims to wear together as a skirt and stockings that match the colour of the print on the shirt.

The top has a sexy low back with leather straps holding everything up, which is great for showing off those rockin' back tattoos!

They are for sale at my artilleri mainstore in Gama, you can find a LM at the top of my pics inworld.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Retro alarm clocks! :D

Hey. :)

Ever since I made the wrist watch some time ago Max has been telling me to make more clocks. Max is a smart guy, you see, so I decided to listen to him. :) Good call, cause I adore these! Retro alarm clocks, 3 versions, all cute in their own way. They are mod/transfer (might look like transfer only, I'm not sure, but in that case it's because of the script). They are sound enchanted; two of them (*1* and *2*) with a tick-tock sound that you can turn on/off by clicking the clock, the third one (*3*) gives off a alarm sound when you click it.

100L$ at my mainstore in Gama!

And I hope you're all noticing that I actually managed to stay away from the cherries this time? :D


Friday, October 06, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Bamboo cherry purse.

I've become addicted to purses ISL lately, so here's another one I made. I saw something like this on the net, and I knew I had to make it. It comes in two versions, with and without the flower, and uh... It has cherries on it. Wow. ;P I keep reinventing myself, dont you think? :D Well, why fix it if it aint broken.. I love cherries. I do, I do.

The purse is 120L$ (for both), and has copy/mod permissions. TP to my mainstore in Gama if you like it!

On another note, I know there hasnt been that many artilleri updates lately, this is because I'm in Oslo visiting Max, but I'm going back home this weekend, so expect some updates in the near future.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Le Tigre!

Hey everyone!

Time for another dress. Le Tigre comes in 5 colours, has a wide snakeskin belt, and will make you feel like a 80ies godess!! :D
Hope you like. :D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

NEW @ artilleri.. SHOES!


I conquered my fear of prims yet again, and this time I made shoes. 3 pairs called Mandy (diff textures) and one pair called Gia. Do I even need to mention that they all have a cherry, checker, nautical star, 8ball or checker detail to them? No. I think not. :) I set these at 130L$ per pair, and I hope you like them!

On another note, I'm not being that productive these days, cause I'm visiting Max. Again. Just FYI. :)

<3 Antie

Sunday, September 10, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Dallas shirts.

Listening to: Drunk people screaming and singing
Feeling: Sleepy. Almost 5 in the morning here, gahhh.

3 new shirts @ artilleri. Or 1, but in 3 variations. A little cowboyishy, a little rockabilly, and lots cool! I really love these myself. 90L$ each, chose whichever one you like the most, or even better; get all three! :D They're for sale at my mainstore in Gama, other locations when I get around to it.

Hope you like them!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Cherry earrings.

Listening to: Black Label Society - All For You
Feeling: Better, in many ways.

I went to Oslo and stayed there for a week, sorry about the lack of updates. But I'm back home (for now...) and I made a little something. Cherry earrings! And yes, I know someone is going to fall over dead in my store any day now, because of the cherry overdose, but I love them too much to stop. Cute, fun, sweet, casual and tasty. They are 70L$ and can be found in my mainstore in Gama.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NEW @ artilleri; Ziggy dress.

Listening to: De/Vision - I'm not enough
Feeling: Like this flu is never letting go

Hey, howdy, hello.

I had some request to make more dresses, so I did. This time it's Ziggy, a diamond checkered flexi dress of retro cuteness! I adore this one, cause as you might know I'm a sucker for checkers. Checkers galore!!! I like spicing it up by wearing some colourful old school tattoos and some funky accesories, it makes such a nice contrast to the good-girl look of the dress. The tattoos on my upper body that I'm wearing in the pic are by the amazing Zabitan Assia, I highly recommend his store FORM. Great guy clothing that works for us gals also, and kick ass tattoos. Another kick ass tattoo artist is of course Canimal Zephyr, and I'm wearing part of her suicide girls set for my lower body. I'm also wearing the black tango shoes from 1-800 Bettie, the newest retro shop in town. Other than that; skin by Lost Thereian, hair by ETD. The hairstyle is called Perky, I added the bangs myself. Gotz to have the straight bangz, you know! Also wearing my library glasses, they can be found in my store.