Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aaand I'm back!

I'm back from my vaycay in Croatia! I think I have replied to all the offlines and notecards now, but I might have missed someone. If I did, please let me know. :)

Ok, so it's not artilleri related at aaall, but I have to tell you a little about my trip! :D It was swwwell! Max and I went there with my best friend Bente and her bf Alex. Max sadly had to return to Norway on Thursday, but B+A took good care of me and we had lots of fun. We stayed on the Makarska Riviera, in the city of Makarska. Other than staying there we also visited the historic city of Dubrovnic, Split and the island Brač. The days mostly consisted of eating food (Yum, dalmatian ham! Yum, homemade sausages!), drinking beer (Živjeli!) and relaxing. Prices were veeery nice compared to here, and the people were all very friendly and nice. I really hope to go back someday! :)

Croatia: HVALA!

xoxo, Antiepants


Ana Lutetia said...

Welcome back!

Crystyle Bukowski said...

Your pictures are absolutely fabulous. I particularly like the one where you're kissing the gigantic mug of beer! I'm glad you had such a lovely break but I know everyone is happy to have you back:)

Mo Miasma said...

hahaha i m so glad you have had such a wonderful time in my country yay:D and yes pršut and homemade sausages are best :)) Molim:D

Whimsy Winx said...

Looked like you had a nice time, wow the scenery there is amazing. I recently read some articles on Croatia as a vacation spot and I am way jealous! Lovely. Glad your back.

Truth said...

About time you guys! Next it has to be Australia my sausage is way better than some random Croatians. BEER!! didn't we invent beer? MISSED YOU GUYS MADLY damn you both and your hotness! lovvveeee you guys and glad you are back!


antonia marat said...

Ana: Thank you!

Crys: Max had gone home, so I only had the beer to kiss. Not exactly the same feeling, but nice still! :)

Mo: I bought over 2 kilos of dalmatian ham that is lying in my fridge! :D Well, most of it. :P Some of it is in MAH BELLEH! And those sausages, daayum! We called them poop-sausages (because of the shape), but they tasted heavenly. I ordered it 3 times. :) We also ate something the last night we were there (Friday) that the waiter told us was a traditional food. It was called, uhm.. Chervapchichi? Lol. Something like that!

Whims: I had a superb time! Great friends, great places. Go there if you can! :)

Truth: Dork. :P Haha! *runs off*