Saturday, February 24, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Cupid tube tops, and leopard pants! Meow.

I am very proud of the texture on the cupid tops. I have to say that. I've never been any good at dealing with white textures, but this time I made it. Whoho! The tops are inspired by a dress or top (something, I didnt get a close enough look) that some girl is wearing in the Gym Class Heroes music video called Cupids Chokehold. Yeah, I've been watching MTV. Again. Anyway, you get to choose between 8 versions (different colour on the belt), or you can get the fatpack at a superdiscount, 8 for the price of 4. :)

I used to have leopard pants in my old store, but I retired them when I moved. And I missed them. :) So I made new ones.

Have a wonderful weekend!

<3, ant

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! :)

June Polka is a different version of the original June dress. More colourful, different shaped top, polkadots (!!), and a rose attachment instead of the bolero. And the flexi is different. Sooo.. It's pretty much a whole new dress. Kind of. :) Either way, it's cute!

Also made some simple tanktops. All up for sale in my mainstore in Axel! And ooh, good news!! The french nationalists that were messing up the sim moved!! HOORAY! :D


Sunday, February 18, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! emily dress!

another dress up for sale at artilleri today. my favourite part of this dress in the cute ribbon bow. try wearing the top and bow with a cool pair of pants, like my dark blue betsy pants; it creates a great look of you want to dress it down a little, but still be cute and feminine. the dress comes in red, blue, green and black, and can be purchased at my rockin mainstore in axel! :)


Monday, February 12, 2007

Heyloh! :D

I've been watching music videos again, This time an outfit inspired by a gal I think was named Corinne Bailey Rae..? Or something? :D I just had a quick glance at what she was wearing, it was something blue. I'm actually not sure if this looks anything remotely like it, I dont know if it was a dress or if she wore pants or what it was, so this set can be worn in different ways. Capris, capris and a poofy type skirt, or just the skirt. I thought it was a fun and cute outfit, so I made it in juicy lovely colours. And the basic black, of course. We like black.

Up for sale at my mainstore in Axel! 200L$ each. MOD/COPY.

<3 Antie!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This weeks updates at artilleri! :)

Darling D comes with hightwaist pants and shorts (the highwaist part being created by using the jacket layer as well as the pants), and a red shirt. I included versions both with and without the skulls.

Second release is the Johnny shirts. I looove these myself. Inspired by a Johnny Cash music video. Versions for both girls and guys. And naturlich, I had to made some with leopard pattern. :D