Saturday, December 02, 2006


So finally, FINALLY, I got my head outta the sand and did what I've been promising to just about every other guy in SL.. I made more guy shirts. 8 in all. As usual, up for sale at my mainstore in Gama.

I liked the guy shirts a lot, and I wore some of them myself. Decided to make a modded girlieversion of two of them, so those are up for sale too!

I'm really appriciative of my update group, so I've decided to send out the artilleri worker shirt to everyone. Guy version for the guys, and a girlieversion for the dolls! Concider it an early Christmasgift.

You cant find artilleri in search right now, so I suggest you go there via my profile. I have artilleri on top of my picks.



Alexander Lapointe said...

Kinda random, but do you know what the skin on the model on the left is? Not Max but the other guy. Thanks!

the Procrastinatrix said...

I got my shirt and it rawks (like all your other stuff). Thank you!!!!

Lucky Merit

Maximilian Milosz said...

Needless to say, I just love the new shirts! and that's not just myrsnipa talking :D

antonia said...

alexander: the skin anton is wearing is from nylon outfitters (by nylon pinkney). sienna - urban. :)

lucky: glad you liked it, doll! ty, ty, ty! :)

maxiepoopers: tattjllkallj du da sjø! :*

Anonymous said...

Man! you've gotten hella pro at PS! (make more shoes *shakes fist*

Anonymous said...

Im seriously gonna have to have some kind of plastic surgery to get your top from being physically stitched onto my avatar. You really are a genius! I LOOOOOOVEEEEEE it ALL. :)