Saturday, October 14, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! *Purr* shoes!

Hey. :)

The first 4 pairs of shoes were a big hit, here's another pair! I'm not getting tired of leopard prints anytime soon, so I bring thee *Purr*! Retrolicious and sexy, with a colourscript that enables you to match these shoes to your favourite outfits. They fit feet size 0.

They are up for sale at my mainstore in Gama. Check out my inworld pics for a LM. :)



HoneyB said...

I just love those shoes Antonia, as I just love everything you do. Girl - you are the bestest designer in all of SL dammit!!
I must have half your store in my inventory by now, I treasure every piece. If you carry on creating more hot stuff I swear my inventory will burst! Hope there's no limit to storage lmao

Honey B

Torrid said...

Very sexy Antonia, I love your shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Uhh these pretty much own me
Your store owns meh
\m/ -_- \m/