Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Tempting.


Another day, another update. See, I'm saving up for a computer, so I try to make as much cool stuff for you guys as possible, so I can earn me some money. I actually dont have a computer of my own, which is a drag. I'd love to get myself a laptop, so that I can bring it with me to Oslo whenever I go there to visit my boyfriend Maxiepoopers. Yep. So there ya have it. Pity me? :)

Ok, the update. A dress, I called it Tempting, cause that's what it is. :) Tempting, sexy, hot, with quite the dash of 80ies rock in it. It comes with a shirt, a skirt (pants layer + prims) and a prim belt buckle. Mod/Copy, 180L$ @ my main store in Gama. Check my inworld picks for a teleport, or simply do a search for artilleri. Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...

Wow that is hot! I want that when I get home from work! lol Where do you also get the hair to go with it?

antonia said...

hey anon. :) awesome that you like the dress! the hairstyle in the pic is called honey, and you can get it in my mainstore.

Celebrity Trollop said...

Antie, Jami is my tottttalllly favorite new hair!!!! OHHH EMMM GEEEE *squee* more

Torrid said...

That dress is HOT! :) I've still got to drop by and check out your hair, from what I can tell it looks great :D.