Friday, October 27, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Margaret! (hair)

Hey again.

One last update before I head on off to Oslo to visit Max tomorrow morning.

Aaanyway, before I say more stupid stuff, let's get on with the hair. Margaret comes, as the other hairs, in 12 colours, photorealistic textures, sold in packs of 3 at 170L$ per pack. Along with the hair I added four hair adornments for this hair. They are attached to the chin, so that you can decide yourself which one you want to wear, if any. Works fine without it too!

The hair itself is curly and some if it is tied back. Yeah, that was a really breathtaking description. I'm just tired, sorry. :) But check out the demo!

Thank you. -Ant-

1 comment:

Celebrity Trollop said...

Aughhhh. I am singlehandedly funding your new laptop!!! LOL

I love your hairs.