Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Molly!

Hey again.

More hair! Molly comes in 12 colours, sold in packs of 3, 170L$ a pack. Simple, yet sexy. Try out the demo in my mainstore in Gama to see what you think. :)


Molly Montale said...

OMG! I'm freaking out. What can I say but wow. I mean like Wow!

Soul said...

Please tell me what skin that is??? Oh, and also...the skin in the pic immediately below this one too!!

Love them & thank you!


antonia said...

hey soul. :) the skins in these ads are from lost thereians alina skin series. the one with pink lipstick is called glimmering angel, and the one with red is called intense red i believe. :)
losts store is called naughty.