Monday, November 06, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Cherry winter set!

Allo, allo!

Getting a tad bit chilly outside, isnt it? Yep, sure is. So to prevent our avatars getting a cold and having to stay in bed throughout the winter I made this little set, which includes a pair of cute prim mittens and a scarf. But we still want to look cool, even tho we cant be all hoochied up, yeah? The solution is, as the solution to all the worlds problems, well.. Cherries! :D

Head on down to the artilleri mainstore in Gama to pick this up. LM in my inworld picks, or just search for artilleri. :) TY!



Anonymous said...

lawlz i didn't know you made those! i saw you wearing them i was gunna ask but i got sidetracked, CUTE!

Scarlet Singer said...

I lurvee that scarf, it's too cute!!! <3