Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NEW @ artilleri. Retro alarm clocks! :D

Hey. :)

Ever since I made the wrist watch some time ago Max has been telling me to make more clocks. Max is a smart guy, you see, so I decided to listen to him. :) Good call, cause I adore these! Retro alarm clocks, 3 versions, all cute in their own way. They are mod/transfer (might look like transfer only, I'm not sure, but in that case it's because of the script). They are sound enchanted; two of them (*1* and *2*) with a tick-tock sound that you can turn on/off by clicking the clock, the third one (*3*) gives off a alarm sound when you click it.

100L$ at my mainstore in Gama!

And I hope you're all noticing that I actually managed to stay away from the cherries this time? :D


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