Thursday, November 02, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Ahoooy sailor!

Ahoy! :)

I'm, as some of you may know, visiting Max IRL at the moment, therefor the seldom updates.. But here's one! Ahoy sailor! This sexy'n'sassy set comes in two colours, blue and red, and will make you the hotties thing ever seen on the marina! :D Two shirts (blue/red), two panties (blue/red), stockings and a cute pair of shorts. It'll make the sailors go wild. ;D

Up for sale at my mainstore in Gama!


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elka said...

That's funny! I was dressed as a sexy (PVC) dead sailor this Halloween, yay n_n" And I made my RL hair exactly like Kin's PinUp I made her do, the one you really like, woot woot! My digital camera is dead so I took pictures with a disposable one, so as soon as they're developped (and if I don't look too fat LOL >__<;) I will show to you!♥ And uh ok, enough blab, all that to say, REALLY COOOOL OUTFIT MATEY!! :P