Saturday, November 18, 2006

NEW @ artilleri! Rockin' earrings!


Is it? Can it be? IT IS! A update at artilleri! :) I'm still visiting Max, but I found time to squeese in a little prim work. I've been meaning to make these earrings for a long time, but I havent gotten around to do it untill now. Anyway, here they are! Checkered and colour scripted, so you can make them match any outfit you have. I'm not quite sure how many colours you can choose from, but it's LOTS. 80ish or something. A little notecard explaining the colour code and a texture with all the colours is included. Qjoooot!

Up at my mainstore in Gama. Which is open again, BTW. I closed it down during the CopyBot dramalama, but reopened when it turned out it wasnt such a big problem as first assumed.

I'm going back home in a few days, so expect lots more updates!

Hope you like!


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