Friday, December 08, 2006

Haaaair. It's been a while since I made hair, but a couple of days ago Satine Dot announced there would be no updates at Old Gravy untill further notice. And she makes the best rockabilly hair out there! Where will I get my straight bangs fix?!?! Answer is I have to do it myself. I'm already missing Satine and she is queen of rockabilly hair, but it was fun making this one too. I'm not an experienced hairmaker, but I'm doing my best! :)

Sabrina has a colour change bandana with a very simple script, so that you can change it's colour as you desire. I've included a notecard with instructions.

Come on down to Gama and try on the demos and see what you think! Hope you like.


1 comment:

Posy said...

I'll take a blonde one please! *raises her hand* Cute! Cute! Cute!