Thursday, September 06, 2007

artilleri SALE!

Oh hai!

Yeeep, having a little sale as a byebye to old items. Earlier when I've retired items I've done so silently, but this time around I decided to hold a 50% off sale for those of you who might want to pick up some stuff at a great price. I have cleared all my stores for these items, so this is the only place you'll find them. And in one week, September 13th, they're gone. Byyye!

I set up a little skybox in my sim, TP there using this SLURL, or use the pick in myy, uhm, picks! :)
artilleri SALE skybox

xoxo, Antonia


Teagan Blackthorne said...

Woo, I got mine and brought some friends. :)

Natasha Ascot said...

Antonia, I tried to purchase some items but I couldn't... no money was spent, no item was given.
Has anybody else the same?

antonia said...

hey nat. :D
nope, i havent heard from anyone else with trouble purchasing items. the grid is very unstable at the moment, maybe that's why you couldnt buy anything? i cant even log in. *pouts*

Natasha Ascot said...

Antonia, thx for your respond, but later after a relog the money had been withdrawn three times (sorry I clicked 3 times because nothing happend) from my account but no dress and later shoes,were given anyway :( I will give you a notecard inworld with account refs. so you might look at yours.
Thx so much, grtz, Natasha Ascot

Natasha Ascot said...

ooooh thx Antonia! You fixed it rightaway! And not only that! you surprised me with your goodies thx soooo much! I was the bell of the ball tonight lol
thx again Antonia, you make your customers feel good!

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Alexandra Rucker said...

Damn, that must be why I haven't been able to find "Alice" to see about getting it in colors other than white/black... Argh. :P

antonia marat said...

hey alexandra. :D the alice dress is only available at the gnubie store, it was retired a long time ago. it only comes in that one colour, sorry. :)

Catharina Vandeverre said...

Oh f^^*!:!* I missed the 50 off sale !
Too bad, I just love your work, keep going on. :)