Monday, October 22, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! 3 cute costumes and a Hawaii style dress! :D


Someone from a magazine IMed me a week ago or so and asked if I was planning on doing any halloween costumes. I told her no. And then I changed my mind. So to the nice lady who IMed me, if you are out there: I forgot your name, but you can IM me again if you want a review copy or something. :)

I made three costumes, all inspired by the style outfits you might have seen pinups from the 40ies and 50ies wearing. Sailor, army and a huula girl.

Savvy Sailor was the first one I made. I have my doubts that an actual sailor would wear this, but we can! :) Comes with a striped tank top, white stockings, cute bow attachments and sailor dress. 220L$.

Next on my list was the Pinup Army babe. Again, not exactly what the troops are sporting in Irak these days, but certainly something a pinup would wear! Highwaist shorts, cropped top and of course, stockings. 220L$.

And last, but not least, the Hula girl. This one might be my favorite, cause I love love love anything tiki related. This set comes with a prim skirt and a system skirt. Whichever one you like. A lei, of course, and flower armbands. Prim coconut bra (talk about support), aaand a coconut drink! :) 220L$.

I also made a new hawaii style dress; Tasty Tiki! I have a couple of tops with tropical patterns in my store, but no dresses. Untill now, that is. This one comes in 3 colours. It's made using the system skirt (I've actually really started to like those recently) and it has a cute little sash for some extra something something. Perfect for a late evening at the beach. Or as Shakira would have said; Whenever, wherever. *wiggles it*
And oh, this one is 180L$.

Allright, that's it for now. :) If you saw something you liked, head on down to artilleri! Slurl:artilleri

xoxo, Antonia

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Anonymous said...

Hey Antonia!
Just wanted to say I was cruising the blogs today and saw these cute uniforms. Then I went to my favorite club (Party like a Rockstar) and they were having a uniform event! So I ran to Artilleri, bought the army pinup, threw on a flip title ("I Support the Troops!") and won the prize money!! Here is a pic of me getting down and dirty, hope you like it!!
Thanks for all the great clothes!!!