Friday, October 12, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! highwaist skirts, ruffle bikinis and a FREEBIE. :D (yay)

Hey guys!

I finally made it back into photoshop to make some more clothing. :D And thanks for all the nice feedback on the artilleri homestore guys, I am so glad people seem to like it.

Ok. The clothes.

The wonderful Marni Grut requested that I make a pencil skirt version of my previously released nina highwaist pants, and that seems to have been a pretty damn good idea. I wasnt so sure at first since I absolutely dread the system skirts, but with a dress shape these look fabulous! They're named Gina, and come in 8 colours and cost 120L$. Glitch pants, jacket layer (for the highwaist action) and two versions of the skirt is included. One with a mid seam, one without. I did two because the mid area of the skirts tend to stretch a lot depending on your pose.

The other new thing new today are the ruffle ricki bikinis. They come in 6 yummy colours. The ruffles are prim attachments. 120L$ for one, 500L$ for the fatpack. Perfect for a retro day at the beach! :D Or as I've discovered, the tops look awesome with one of the gina highwaist skirts. :)

A limited edition of the ricki ruffle bikini in purple is available for FREE for the next 24 hours or so. You can find it right inside the entrance of the store. :) Go get it while you can! The purple version will NOT be for sale.

xoxo, antonia

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Ana Lutetia said...

the skirts are so cute