Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween hunt!

Ready for a halloween hunt?

I have placed 20 skulls around the sim. These all contain different artilleri products, all in orange. Some of these can be found in the store, some are special versions that I made for this hunt. Just.. Orange! :)

The skulls are hidden all around the sim, not only inside the store. They are all visible, not completly covered by a prim or anything like that. I thiiink I was pretty kind while hiding them. :) I think... :)

Each skull costs 1L$. That is not to earn money, but to weigh up for the L$ I used to upload all the special versions.

The hunt will be up untill Saturday I think. I have a very busy weekend in front of my, my parents are coming to visit me and Max! :D I havent seen them in 6 months, so I am looking forward to it very much. :) But I will try to stop by and take down the hunt on Saturday. Yep.

And oh, if you are curious about the size of the skulls, samples are just inside the entrance of the store, above the big "halloween hunt" box info thinger thinger thing. :D

Good luck!


Claudine Jewell said...

yay thank you ...i bought the dice ashtray in red and now i got it in orange too yaaaaay lol

Caroline Apollo said...

Thanks for the hunt! You hid them really really well! Love your sim to pieces!


Leilah Nishi said...

Great hunt!! and the sim is lovely!!!
i had a lot of fun, but I missed only one of the skulls =(. I need a hint bad =)!

Kie Jinn said...

Thanks for the hunt! It was fun, and generous of you too :) I've always loved the look of the store, and it was nice to have a reason to explore the rest of your awesome sim too :D