Monday, November 26, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Jackets for the guys!

Hello. :)

Guys need to stay virtually warm too, right? So I made some jackets. 2 with a lumberjack type pattern, and two in denim.

The lumberjack jackets come in black and red, and they cost 160L$. I made one version with a texture sherpa collar, and one with a sculptie sherpa collar. I wasn't sure which of them to use. I like the texture version, mainly because sculpties become sorta boxy when you zoom out a little. And Max liked the one with the prim collar, so I included both of them so you get to pick yourself which one suits you best.

While I was at it I made a denim jacket as well. This one comes in blue and black. 150L4 each.

I included a plain white tank top with all the jackets.
Up for sale in the artilleri diner of doom!

xoxo, Antonia


Truth said...

That model looks alittle short?

He looks short and stumpy lookin!

antonia marat said...

pfft, shut up skinny boi! :D where's my hair??