Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thank you!

Hello! :D

Just wanted to express my gratitude for winning the Best in retro award at the 2007 Bloggers Choice Awards! A huuuge thank you to everyone who voted for me. There are so many great names in that category, and I was extremely honored to win. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

artilleri was also one of the runner ups in the following awards: Best punk, Best tattoo, Best nonjewelry prim accessories and Most congenial. :D :D


valle giulia said...

congrats :)

Shir Dryke said...

yay! grats! i voted for you and i'm soooo glad you won!
/me throws cookies around

Cherry Tokyo said...

congrats! :3

-Ana Lutetia- said...

YAY!! Congratz!! <3

wednesday said...


also, i ust got your comment on my blog (that i dont take care of) and the red hair is avril from deviant kitties.