Friday, November 23, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Mens cargo pants!

Hey! :D

Hope all you Americans had a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration. I am so jealous, because I love love love turkey. I only get to eat Turkey one day in the year, and that's on Christmas eve. I can't wait!! :D

Ok, over to the new release before I make myself too hungry to speak.

My boyfriend Max has been telling me for ages that he can't find a decent pair of male cargo pants. Supposedly those are hard to find. So with him as guidance, I made some. He likes them, I hope you do too!

5 colours; Black, gray (my fav!), khaki, navy and green. They cost 120L$ each. By Maxs request these are not lowwaist, but go all the way up.

NB1 NB! NB! Due to so many people IMing me lately about missing purchases (money gone but no item delivered) I have decided to make EVERYTHING in my store mod/copy/no transfer. The womens items has had these permissions for a long time, but I used to have the male stuff transferable since so many of us girls like to shop for our guys. But from now on everything is no trans. I hope you understand. This just makes it a whole lot easier for me. If you want to purchase a gift, just send me an IM.

xoxo, Antonia!

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Maximilian Milosz said...

Thanks for making these - I love them and will never take them off, unless you ask really nice! :D