Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! 4 new hairs!

Hello world!

I dont know what's up with me these days, I made more hair. I normally leave it to the experts, but the experts seem to be on vacation or something so I had to make more myself to tend to my hair addiction. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

First we have Myst, a sexy updo with the obligatory straight bangs that I love so much. This one was inspired by a picture of the wonderful Masuimi Max, one of my favorite pinup models.

Then we have Dayna V1 and V2. I made Dayna V2 first, but in the process I saw that a version with a ponytail on the side would work too. So pick the one you like best. :) Dayna is also made after a picture of a pinup model, this time the wonderful Dayna DeLux.

Last by not least a hair I called Sarah Jane. Not your everyday kinda style maybe, but I like it! This one has been lying my my inventory for a while, I finally got around to releasing it today. :)

190L$ for a pack of three colours. And free demos available, of course.

I should also add that I retired some styles today; The Charlotte v1 and v2, Honey (first style I ever made) and Molly. Making room for more and better hair! :)

xoxo, Antonia


Arbel Vogel said...

Girl you are doing such a great job with the hair! Loving them all!

A. N. Onymous said...

Hey, just wondering - do you have a sister that plays the teen grid, and is her name Calliste Takakura? Thanks. For security reasons I can't post my email, so just answer under my comment :)

antonia said...

hey anon. :) nope, i dont have any sisters in SL or RL. why do you ask?

A. N. Onymous said...

OK, thanks for that.

A. N. Onymous said...

Calliste Takakura owns a store named 'Artillerye' located in the Teen Grid. She has been accused multiple times of stealing textures and even being over age. When ever confronted about any accusation, she creates a complex excuse. These excuses are generally completey false and built upon many lies. Takaura has even claimed that 'Artillerye' and 'Artilleri' are linked via a real life relationship. Already, she has convinced a large number of players in the TSL community that she is the real life sibling of Antonia Marat.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am current TG resident, and I agree with Anonymous. I will paste some text from a note card she sent to her worshiping group. Sorry if this bugs you, you can always delete the post <3
[7:43] Japher Emmons: and also if u stole the idea from the main grid
[7:43] Japher Emmons: then wats the problem? its like a dif universe
[7:44] Calliste Takakura: there isnt one. My sister plays the main grid, and is the one i got my store name from
[7:44] Calliste Takakura: As soon as i go over there we're putting our stores together.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Antonia Marat. If you have any free time, I'd like to talk with you privately about some issues with products.

I'm not sure how to get in contact with you, if there's an email address i can reach you at or something, let me know. =D

antonia said...

hey anon, if you want to reach me and cant do it via the MG, you can e-mail me at antonia.marat@gmail.com. :)