Wednesday, November 28, 2007

artilleri celebrates it's 2 year birthday with a SALE!

Sale, sale, sale!

Everything in the mainstore (this does not include artilleri home) is now set to 50% off it's original price. This sale will last for 48 hours, after that the prices will go back to 100%. I hope you see this as an opportunity to get some extra artilleri stuff at a good price. :)

xoxo, Antiepants


Kitty O'Toole said...
( I am trying to breather properly. can't, too excited!!)

That's it I'm broke!! WEEEE!


Chica Indigo said...

OMG THANK YOU! One of my favs stores in all SL is having a 50% sale YAY!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

congrats to you antonia!!! you're an amazing contribution to the SL world, and i'm happy to call you a friend too.



Roxie Wingtips said...

Oh this is so awesome. I have the SL blogger party coming up so I need to look nice and this is really going to help. Love the clothes.


Anonymous said...

hey tonia! moire here, doing shameless meme spam: just tagged you - c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it :D