Friday, June 22, 2007

Machinima by Kenzo Gateaux and Marcelle DeCuir

Just wanted to share this video that was made by Kenzo Gateaux and Marcelle DeCuir. It was filmed in the artilleri sim! *beams* Awesome job guys! *beams some more*


caLLie cLine said...

that's adorable!!! thanks for sharing it! cool song, and your sim is so so so so so wonderful! it so reminds me of my younger days in my teens and early twenties when my friends and i did "all things" retro...

i still own a little tube TV like one of the ones in your shop, and a huge collection of bakelite purses, jewelry, and a few trunks of vintage clothing.

your sim brings back all those memories of fun days, rockabilly, cowpunk, stray cats, blasters, lone justice, and social distortion, and just the whole scene that was happening when i was in jr. high... it sucked me right in!

too bad you didn't live in norway! i'd invite you over to look through my boxes and boxes of fun 50's stuff... the atomic stuff was always my favorite, and well anyway now i'm rambling about that when i meant to say how cute this video is, and your sim, and it's wonderful how you made it so many can enjoy that experience.

great great job antonia.

(and friends)

i think i'm gonna try if i can to take a photo of a way cool flamingo picture i still have on my wall at home, if you like it you can hang it in one of you little houses... it's too huge to scan but maybe i can get a good shot.

ok, well all the best to you.



p.s. my friend does the makeup for a lot of the models in rockabilly magazine, i'd LOVE to show him all this and maybe they could put in a story about you and what you do in SL, that would be so cool!!! let me know if you think you'd like that.

i think it would be fun!

Marcelle DeCuir said...

Aw, thank you antonia for posting this for people to see!

I hope you all enjoy it!

Arbel Vogel said...

Oh I definitely enjoyed that!