Monday, June 25, 2007

NEW @ artilleri. Glasses, a set, tops, bracelets!

Hey, hello!

There has been a lack of updates since I opened my sim, but 1) I needed a little vacation, 2) I pretty much took the first bus to Oslo to visit my boyfriend Max when I was done. But 4 new releases are up for sale in the artilleri sim today, they are:

Marla glasses! I'm never taking these off. NEVER!! ;) They come in 10 colours, in two versions each; regular and sunglasses. They scream sexy retro. Buy them and help me retroify the world. We're on a mission here. Two versions in one colour for 150L$, or a fatpack with all 20 glasses for 550L$! Saves you 950L$!

Brazil bracelets. The ad really doesnt do them justice, even tho they indeed are pretty simple. The outer layer is colourful and semitransparent, with a shiny wooden texture on the inside. I made 6 different colourcombos, they're sold in a pack and cost 120L$!

Fererra is a set inspired by something I saw Ugly Betty actress America Fererra wear. At least I *think* her last name is Fererra? :D I'm not sure! But anyway, the set is. More highwaist goodness, but a little more classy this time. Tweed skirt and pants with two basic black tops to go with it. :)

And finally; the Annie tops. Here modeled by the wonderful Emma Gilmour. :) Sold in a pack of four, this countrygirl halter will, uhm, make your cowboy say "yeehaw"? I'm not good at coming up with fancy explanations of what I make. Let me rephrase... They're cute! And a little sexy.

Ok, that's it for now folks! I really hope you see something you like, and if you do stop by the artilleri sim! Dont forget to explore the sim and hang out while you're there, there are lots of things to do and cool places to sit down.

It's not supposed to be just shopping, it's supposed to be FUN too!

Lots of love;

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