Friday, June 15, 2007

the new artilleri sim opening today!

The new artilleri sim will be opening in, lets seeee, about 30 minutes. I have some new releases too! Skins, bikinis (lots!), dresses, sets, jewelry.

The Lily skins come in 5 skintones, each in 10 makeups. 600L$ per makeup! :) Try out a demo before you buy.

Lucky heart necklace:

Lots of new bikinis, 4 of them come in multicolour packs:

...and this one comes only as a single.

Chacha is a set inspired by the lovely (hehe) Chacha Degregorio in the Grease movies. Highwaist pants for the win! Sold in 6 different colourcombos, or a fatpack if you like them all! :)

Miss DeGregorio is also named the characher in the Grease movie. A little skanky never hurt anyone? :D Comes with two tops; one black and one red.

Last but not least a new dress. It comes in 5 different colours. And oh, there's one more colour, Plum, which is available today only, aaaand it's free!

And please, when you're done shopping and if you have the time; explore the sim. Hang out at the beach, go bowling with some friends, gossip in the ice-cream parlor. :) Hope to see you there!


Willis said...


Jeza said...

Ohhhh!! Can't wait to check it out!!



Roslin said...

Congrats on the sim. Everything looks great but oh my, the Chacha is just KILLING me, I love it so much. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Ana Lutetia said...

OMG! Everything looks so perfect...

Teagan Blackthorne said...

I am still coming back to bowl later. I am sure you were too busy to snap a picture of yourself:

Maximilian Milosz said...

Det er bare en ting å si, og det er: NØFF, NØFF! Vil ha. :D

InfamousXan™ said...

ohmygahhhhh I love the new sim!! I wrote about my adventures there in my blog!! Anyway, I just wanted to say if you were a guy I'd so have your babies lmao jk
Take care hunnie!!


Anonymous said...

zOMG, i'd buyd ur skin, but i'd ate it!!

Anonymous said...

aw Antonia, your skins are so well done! very nice job


Lilliekins said...

The new sim is fantastic, and I just love the auntie elsie dress!
Consistently terrific!! Thank you!