Friday, November 06, 2009

Winterstock opening at 5PM today!



Today at 5PM we open. Concert with Takamura Keiko at 6PM on the skating rink. Come, listen, explore!

I have a couple new releases. These are only available at Winterstock for the time being.
Artilleris store at Winterstock

Available Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday. A knitted sweater with the Winterstock bird on it! Many thanks to Ewan Mureaux for letting me use the birdie. Pick it up inside my store at Winterstock!

A fellow Norwegian asked me to make the Marius sweater in SL. The Marius sweater, or Mariusgenseren, is a very common sweater here in Norway. It's a manifestation of everything Norwegian, along with the bunad (national costume) and the browncheese. The first ever Mariussweater was knitted in 1928, and the knitting pattern for it has since been sold in over 5 million examples. Concidering there are only 4,5 mill Norwegians in the world, that's a lot. :D It's had it's ups and downs, and is nowadays very popular.
Comes in all layers and with sculpted attachments for the sleeves, collar and belly (to create more of a baggy look). UNISEX. 150L$ per colour, 650L$ for the fatpack.

Antlers! Two versions are included, one with ornaments and one without. The antlers themselves (the bones) are texturechange with brown, natural (offwhite), red and green. A glowing red nose to complete the look is also included. Mod, copy. 150L$.

A old wagon to decorate your own winter wonderland. 3 versions are included; one with netted trees, one with haybails and one empty. 19-24 prims. Mod, copy. 250L$.

Some streetlights I made for the sim. 3 versions included. 5-9prims. Mod, copy. 150L$.

Some of last years wintery releases are back as well; the snowman family, the string lights, the sad little Christmas tree and the door decorations. More new releases to come! :)

Please, come join us, have a look at the sim and all the amazing content creators here!

Artilleris store at Winterstock


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