Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'New Shoes' machinima by TommyLee Nightfire!

Hi guys!

TommyLee Nightfire made this amazing SL machinima that you simply have to check out!

New Shoes from Tommylee Nightfire on Vimeo.

I recommend clicking your way through to his Vimeo page so you can watch it in fullscreen HD for the max awesomesauce experience! :)

TommyLee Nightfire for president!



Devon said...

Woohoo!!! Hi quality!!!
This video cshould be available in world, at the store maybe?

Eat Rice Crew said...

That was so cute! Very cool. Good editing and nice shots.

Vitality said...

Very Nice...I totally enjoyed it :)

Chance Greatrex said...

That is just wonderful alltogether! My toes were bopping along too! ;D

Jessica Cha said...

omg this is fabulous Antie! I had to repost this video!

I miss being inworld so bad (this computer can't handle SL very well) and that was just what I needed!

jess aka jaclyn iredell

Lauryn Arado said...

That was awesome! loved it! so cute <33

Nikkita Auerbauch said...

Wow! Just wow! That was so well put together. Perfect in every way.

Flor said...