Sunday, September 13, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! Two dresses, Wilma and Kitty!

Hi guys!

Hope you are having a great Sunday! Two new dresses available at Artilleri today.


Wilma is my favorite name. If I could pick another name for myself instead of Antonia I would definately have been a Wilma. :) I wanted to wait for the perfect dress to come along, a dress worthy of the most awesometastic name in the universe! And here it is! ;) Atomic style fabric, sculpted collar, circle skirt and a texture change belt with 10 colours. Just click the belt and chose from the drop down menu. Works great as either a skirt (wear with another top) or a shirt (they look super with the Johanna highwaist shorts, for example). Wilma comes in 8 colours, each colour costs 220L$ and the fatpack is 900L$.


Yes, more polkadots. Polkadots is the cornerstone of Artilleri, if you haven't figured that out yet. :P The skirts come in two versions, with and without the poofy trimming on the edge. Poof for that cute as bees knees look, no poof I found to be nice for a wee bit more modern appearance, try wearing it with a pair of matching leggings! No matter what you do there is no escaping the cute with this dress. The skirt is sculpted so there is no flexi action going on here. 6 colours available, 200L$ each or 650L$ for the fatpack.

I hope you like! :) If you do, or want to check out what else Artilleri has to offer, stop by the mainstore!

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Xoxo, Antie :)


Virtually Shee said...

i love this collection and your blog, its so wonderful! well done!

Ana Lutetia said...

that is all!