Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! BBQ and Poodle skirt set!

Ha-i gais!

Well, new releases aren't exactly pouring out of the Artilleri factory these days. This is because I am visiting my family iRL. I was supposed to be here for just a week but now it's been 3 and I'm still here. Even tho I have my lappy with me I'm not producing that much stuff. Anyhow, I do have a couple of releases today.

First off a new addition to Artilleri HOME, the BBQ! I recently moved back to West Haven, a residential area where I lived for a long time in 2006-2007, and a BBQ party over at a neighbours place inspired me into making my own kettle grill.

6 objects, 50 prims. There are burgers, hotdogs and skewers on the grill, and all of these can be clicked for wearable food for you and all your guests. The kettle grill itself is texture change and if you click it you can choose between 9 different colours; Red, black, white, green, blue, yellow, pink, teal and purple. And the food? As tasty as prims can be!
There is a copy of the BBQ rezzed in both the HOME store and the Artilleri diner so come have a close up look. I am really happy with this one and I hope you'll like it too. Making furniture is so much fun!

Modify, transfer, no copy - The wearable food is no modify, copy, transfer so everyone can enjoy it.


Second release of the day is something a store like Artilleri really must have...

A poodle skirt set! So many people have asked about this and I don't know exactly why I didn't get it done earlier. I did actually make and sell a Poodle skirt set in early 2006 when Artilleri was just a few months old, but that set has been retired for a very long time. So I think it was about time I made another one. A must have outfit for that sock hop event!

8 colours available
220L$ per colour
800L$ for the fatpack

TAXI to Artilleri mainstore!
TAXI to Artilleri HOME!

Have fun, take care!
xoxo - Antonia :)

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