Thursday, May 07, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! More mens clothing!

Hey guys!

More mens stuff out in the store today! Because I love men! ;P

Burt jeans:

The Burt jeans come in 4 colours; Black, gray, medium blue and dark blue. They come with sculpted cuffs and those of you who liked the old Bobby pants (retired) will love these! 150L$ per colour, 400L$ for a fatpack with all 4.

Bowling shirts:

16 bowling shirts with different variations. There are 4 general types; flames, midpanel, stripes and rocker. They cost 130L$ a piece, and apart from the mega fatpack (which is more than 50% off at 999L$ for all 16 shirts) they are available in mini fatpacks with 4 shirts in each. You can chose to buy the rows, which means there are 8 different mix sets available. Those are 25% off at 390L$ for 4 shirts. Did that make any sense? :P Well, if not, come to the store and I am sure you'll understand. Sculpted collar on these.

Hope you like! Girls, tell your boyfriends! :D

XOXO, Antonia


Kari said...

I love the Burt jeans <3
Haven't checked the other stuff yet, but i really think the Burt jeans are the best out there..

Jesa Christ said...

You got a great eye for design! I want to wear some of this:(

Serena said...


When it comes to men’s clothing the first thought which sparks in my mind is designer jeans. Anything will be suitable with designer jeans might be tees, shirts, jackets or blazers. Men in designer jeans look cool and handsome!

Zoot Suits said...


First thing that comes to my mind when wearing a suits was the design and the price. i like your mens clothing designs in that picture. keep up the good post.

Biron said...

Its Collectibles design huh?
I like Bobby pants

darrell said...
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darrell said...
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