Monday, April 13, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! 2x mens shirts, hair and sunglasses!

Allo, allo!
Hope you've had a great Easter! I have some new things out in the store today.

First a couple of things for the men. I've been getting a looot of requests for more men things, and I finally got around to it. I was talking to my boyfriend about mens clothing and that I find it hard to come up with what to make, so he gave me a little list of suggestions! Todays two shirts are both something he wrote down for me.

Jed shirts, come in 8 different colour variations. Sculpted collar, pockets and sleeves, comes in all clothing layers and attachment points. 150L$ each, 600L$ for a fatpack.

Max tank tops, comes in 10 colours and named after my boyfriend. Nothing much to say other than that they're really plain tank tops! :D Again, all clothing layers. 100L$ each, 550L$ for the fatpack.

That's all for the boys for now, but expect more things in the near future.

Trixie is the new hair in the house! Similar to the old and retired Chrissy hair, this is a curly do with a full bandana. Scripted with 40 different textures for mix'n'match galore! 200L$ for a colour pack (4 colours) and 800L$ for the fatpack. Free demo is of course available.

One of my favorite pair of glasses are the Greta glasses that I've had in my store for quite some time. And here is the sunglasses version! Comes in 12 colours, 120L$ for singles and 500L$ for the fatpack! Again, free demo available.

That's it for now, hope you saw something you like!



Alex and Elli Hamelin said...

Go new shirt,like it, well done :))

Sydd Sinister said...

LOOOOOOVE the new hair. also what is the hair in the Greta Sunglasses ad?

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Princess anne said...

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