Thursday, April 09, 2009

Artilleri news! GARAGE R.H and new Artilleri HOME location!

Hi guys!

When I was giving my diner it's makeover I went on a quest to find a nice bike for the display decor thing in the mens section. I searched high and low, and was super excited when I came across the Stinger chopper bicycle from GARAGE R.H. It looked awesome and is only 30 prims. High wuality AND low prim, yes please! I bought the Stinger and got into talking with the creator, Renn Luik. He told me he was making a dress up kit for the Stinger and asked me if I would be intrested in making a Artilleri version. And of course, I did. Both the Stinger and the dress up kit is now available in my mainstore (in the mens section) and also of course at GARAGE R.H.

The bike and kit are sold seperately. The bike is rezzed on ground (and you sit on it) and the kit is a attachment to your pelvis. Due to us all being different sizes you might need to adjust the attachment to fit the bike, but for me it needed no modifications. Both the bike and the kit comes in two sizes.

GARAGE R.H blog!

Artilleri HOME has a new location. It's still situated in the Artilleri sim, but on the other side, and in a new build. I have some work to do on the interiour of it, but it's open to the public. Please update your LMs!


That's all folks! More hair, glasses and menswear coming soon!

xoxo, Antonia

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Du e så flink Solveig! <3 :D