Thursday, February 12, 2009

New @ artilleri! Subscribe-o-matic + a AM PRO car!

Hi guys!

Oh, how troubled this SLife of mine has been. Last I blogged it was because my update group had gone MIA. After that I was unable to rez objects, which turned out to be related to the group issue. The LL fixed my rezzing problem, but the group is still nowhere to be seen. It's a little disheartening for me to start a group all over after 3 years, but I'm left with little choice. LL never gave me a definitive NO when I asked if they could bring the old group back, but it's been well over a month now and I can't wait for something that probably wont happen.

So, and I think some people will like this, I caved in and got a Subscribeomatic. And even better, I prepared a little welcome gift so I can trick you into joining. You know the drill, click one of the kiosks in my store and magic things will happen.

You get the cardigan, the glasses and the hair flower. Polkadot top, leopard glasses, hair flower with a little skull on it = good rockabilly starter kit. And it's all in pink, afterall it's almost Valentines day.

Ok, next up is a collaboration with the amazing Abacus Mimistrobel of AM PRO Rides. If you don't know who this guy is, you need to check out his store because he builds the best cars in SL! He asked me if I wanted to make a custom paint-job for his Impala, and fast forward here it is! A red version is available at my store, and a charcoal one will soon be for sale at AM PRO. Please be aware this purchase is for the custom Artilleri Edition car body ONLY! To purchase the interactive 1964 AM PRO Impala, please visit the AM PRO Rides main store.



Xoxo, Antie

PS: Hair is in the making!


Ana Lutetia said...

yay!! welcome back!
*missed you*

~*~Contessa Esposito~*~ said...

welcome back :D
and i love the subscribe-o-matic :) groups are all sorts of full. I've got a newsletter sign up for my stuff..similiar to the subscribe-o-matic..kinda :)