Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri HOME! Ironing board + loads of lamps!

Hey guys!

Some new stuff out at Artilleri HOME today!

A nice lady requested that I make a ironing board (Thanks Gia!) and I loved the idea. So here it is! With a total of 36 prims (6 objects) it comes with a texture change script for the ironing board (6 colours) and a custom animation made by the talented Redd Columbia.

I also released a bunch of lamps. Some of these I made last year but I never got around to releasing them untill now. Three types; Memphis, Portland and Orlando! To make the patterns on the Orlando lamps I used brushes made by some talented Deviantart artists:
Redheadstock (Blue, green and peach lamp)
Xxalice(Pink lamp)

All of these can be found in the Artilleri HOME showroom.


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