Saturday, July 07, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Roaring Gwen and some leo flats.

Hello! Or I guess I should say *meow* and *purr* and *rrrroooar* today, cause leopard patterns are on the menu!

The Roaring Gwen dress was requested to me, it is inspired by the dress Gwen Stefani wore at the VMAs in 2005. She looked siiiizzzzling hot, and now we can too! :D Pair it up with ETDs Gwen hair and we be rocking! :D 200L$ for one, or 650L$ for the fatpack with all 6 colours!

I made the leo flats after a pair I have in RL. I made three different versions; red, black and pink ribbons. 180L$ for em all.

And another thing... I dont send out review copies unless they are requested. Maybe I should throw them around like confetti, but I'd feel weird about it, I would hate for people to feel pressured to blog me. But with that said I have no problem handing one out if you intend to blog the item. Just drop me an IM. :)

<3, Antie


Rav Hartunian said...

OMG I love you. I LOVED this dress when Gwen wore it (I'm a HUGE Gwen/No Doubt fan)and instantly wanted it for myself. I guess now I can! Thank you so much for tapping into my mind! lol Too bad I wasn't one of the lucky group members...oh well, maybe next time. :)

antonia said...

hey rav! :D glad to hear you like the dress. i do too!! :D why ooh whyyy havent i made this dress before? ahh! it's like orgasm in fabric.

JetDoll said...

*tackles and huggles antie* I love it, it looks completly fabulous!